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Home Inspection by Cape Cod Pest Pros Whenever you notice any type of pest infestation, even a small one, get it treated right away. Professional pest control is best for knocking out the population at its core. Cape Cod Pest Pros can help!

 Keep your home in good repair. Walk around the perimeter of the home and spot areas where there are holes, openings, cracks and broken screens. These are all the areas where pests can enter. Some pests, like mice, are able to chew through mesh and drywall if they want to get in that badly. Close off any areas that may serve as entryways for a critter. Cape Cod Pest Pros’ FREE INSPECTION can help.

Use a professional pest control company for prevention. There are chemical and non-chemically based products that help ensure you do not get a pest infestation. Cape Cod Pest Pro’s FREE INSPECTION can help you identify potential problem areas, and treatment protocols can help eliminate critters and lock out new critters from entering your home.

This section of our website will describe the treatment services we offer, depending on the nature of your infestation.  Of course, we are also available by telephone or email to answer your questions about our services, and describe them in even more detail.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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