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Family-Safe Pest Control - Green The Pest Pros are Cape Cod and the South Shore’s leader in organic pest control. The pest control industry has made huge strides in the toxicity levels of most pesticides on the market today, however, we understand the importance of using all natural products and operating as Green as possible. Historically, the downside of organic pest control has always been its ineffectiveness.In recent years, though, organic pesticide formulas have been fine tuned to increase its effect on insects without compromising its all-natural recipe.

Are the Pest Pros Green solutions really 100% natural?

Yes, the products the Pest Pros offer are a proprietary combination of plant essential oils. Essential oils are present primarily in aromatic plants – those often used as herbs or for their scent. In these plants, essential oils serve many functions, including helping regulate evaporation, attract specific insects for pollination, and most importantly, defending the plant against insects and microorganisms. When these essential oils are extracted from plants, they can be used to match specific “markers” in a target pest’s central nervous system. The result: natural insecticide compounds that provide fast knockdown and outstanding control of a wide range of pests.

How does it work?

The essential oils that comprise the active ingredients in our applications work by disrupting neurotransmitter function in target insects. Neurotransmitters conduct nerve impulses between (nerve cells) and other body parts, such as muscles. The neurotransmitter binds to a receptor site on the affected cell, and then is broken down and deactivated by enzymes. In invertebrates, with their simpler nervous system, a biological chemical known as octopamine handles many of these functions. So, by targeting octopamine receptors, essential oils provide insecticidal activity with a much wider margin of safety than other products.


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