Mouse Bacterial Clean Up

Mouse Bacteria Clean Up

Mouse Bacteria Clean Up - Cape Cod Pest Pros

Mouse Bacteria will keep us clean.  Cleanup can really be tough… Leave it the best.  CapeCod Pest Pros know the proper ways to disinfect and clean up those pesky pests.  If your basement or attic has been infested with mice, the feces and nesting materials left behind can become a health hazard to you and your family.

So, in addition to baiting for the control of mice, the Pest Pros can remove your contaminated insulation, clean and treat any structural wood with bacterial inhibitor, and even re-insulate to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Signs of mouse activity include:

*   Small, black oblong droppings along wall and floor;

*   Brown or dark yellow staining can be left on walls, ceilings and pipes;

*   Small gnaw marks on wires, wood and food containers.

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