Mice and Rats

Mice and Rats


Common Mice and Rats in your house are small and slender, three to four inches long, with large ears, small eyes, and pointed nose.  They are usually either light brown or light gray with rod-shaped droppings.  They nest within structures in tight areas and commonly prefer to use fiberglass insulation as a nesting material and establish “territory” near food sources that are generally 10-30 feet from their nest.

They are inquisitive, but very wary and excellent climbers.  They become prolific breeders by two months of age, and Mice and Rats Control and Exterminators - Pest Pros have litters as often as every 40-50 days, with four to seven young per litter.  They live up to one year.


The best-known rat species are the Black Rat and the Brown Rat.  The group is generally known as the Old World rats or true rats and originated in Asia.  Rats are bigger than most Old World mice, which are their relatives, but seldom weigh over 500 grams (1 lb) in the wild.

Wild rats can carry many different zoonotic pathogens, such as Leptospira, Toxoplasm gondii, and Campylobacter, and may transfer these across species – – for example, humans.  Today, this cycle still exists in many countries of the world and plague outbreaks still occur every year.  Besides transmitting zoonotic pathogens, rats are also linked to the spread of contagious animal pathogens that may result in livestock diseases such as Classical swine fever and Foot-in-Mouth disease.  The normal lifespan of rats ranges from two to five years and is typically three years.

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