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Termite Infestation Treatment in Barnstable

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We’ve been very busy of late at Cape Cod Pest Pros, Cape Cod’s and the Massachusetts south shore’s leading pest control and extermination service provider.  And lately, that busy work has been in attacking termite infestations and applying termite treatments.

One story about a house in Barnstable, on Cape Cod, stands out.  Unfortunately, the homeowner had unknowingly created an extremely safe and fertile harbor for termites to thrive around her house.

She had stored piles of wood for her fire pit beneath her deck in the back yard.  That deck was only about three feet high, and as a consequence it remained dark and damp under there.  The current climate conditions here on the Cape were already conducive to the growth of termites, and the added bonanza of a great food source, those stacks of wood leaning up against her foundation, was a termite utopia.

Our crew found that the termites were nesting directly beneath the deck, and were feeding on that wood.  In fact, the infestation had begun tunneling up into the house.

We removed the wood from beneath the deck, thus eliminating a rich food source for continued infestation.  The rest of our work, the treatment of a termite problem, was well within our skill set, and the crew took good care of the homeowner, the deck, and the house.

The lesson to be learned from this termite treatment anecdote is simple:  be aware of the environment you create at and around your home.  Store wood, whether for your fire pit or your fireplace, at least five feet from your house.

And, of course, the other lesson to be learned is to call the Pest Pros if you missed lesson number 1 – – we specialize in the treatment of termite infestation, and we’ll always be able to help you.

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