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Mosquito With EEE Found in Brewster, on Cape Cod

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mosquito control and exterminationThe Cape Cod Times is reporting today, July 28, that a mosquito with Eastern Equine Encephalitis was found at Nickerson State Park, in Brewster.  It is the first time a report of the virus in a human-biting mosquito has been  confirmed on Cape Cod.

Human cases of the EEE virus are rare, but very serious.  One-third of all those contracting the virus from mosquito bites dies, and of those who survive, a high percentage suffer neurological impairments for the rest of their lives.  While there has not been any significant EEE activity on Cape Cod, it is nonetheless something that should be taken seriously.

Cape Cod Pest Pros certainly takes this subject quite seriously, and remains available for both a FREE INSPECTION and treatments that include spraying and fogging suspect areas that might tend to foster mosquito breeding.

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