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Tip on Termites from Dan “The Bug Man”

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As you likely saw on the Radio Quick Hits page, our founder, Dan Caouette, is known as”The Bug Man” on the Handyman Hotline of radio 95.1, WXTK, on Saturday afternoons from 1:00 – 3:00.    It’s a good catch if you’re near a radio during his show, as he offers a lot of great tips for protecting your house and your health.

For instance, a recent show featured a discussion about termites.  Dan’s take on early detection is to watch for swarms of termites as a harbinger of damage to come.  However, Dan also cautioned that even when you don’t notice a swarm, termites may still be present and busy eating away on your home.  In other words, the obvious sign indicating a treatment is needed is the swarm; but, don’t rely on the absence of swarm entirely – – you should still have your property inspected.

And, since our inspections are free, don’t wait for signs of swarm. Call today and we’ll be there tomorrow.  Oh, and if you want to catch that part of Dan’s show, just visit our Radio Quick Hits page and you’ll find the clip.

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