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How Do Termite Baiting Systems Work?

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How Do Termite Baiting Systems Work?

Termites are one of the most dangerous and unpleasant infestations you can have in your home. If you’ve ever uncovered a nest of termites eating away at your home’s foundations, it can be an almost traumatic experience. The problem is that by the time you uncover them in your home, it is often too late to avoid at least some damage. It is for this reason that Cape Cod Pest Pros offers a termite bait system, to get rid of those termites before they get into your home and start doing damage.

What Is a Termite Bait System?

How does termite baiting work? When you contact Cape Cod Pest Pros for termite control, we come to your home armed with powerful termite bait stations. These bait stations are small tubes with cellulose-containing material, the type termites like to eat, packed inside. This material also contains substances known to be toxic to termites.

We analyze your property, and our experts strategically place these bait stations in the soil around your home, about 15 feet apart, forming a perimeter about 4 feet from the house. Termites are attracted to the bait stations and bring the material back to their colony, where they share it with the rest of the termites, eliminating them before they can assault your home.

Do Termite Bait Stations Work?

Termite bait stations can absolutely work to control your termite problem. While we may have other methods for taking care of the termites already in your home, we have a strong track record when it comes to preventing new termites from invading. The termite bait, while toxic to termites, is designed not to harm people or pets, and you need have even less concern than normal because the termiticide never even enters your home.

How Do I Get Started With Termite Control for My Cape Cod Home?

Naturally, the first step is to call Cape Cod Pest Pros. We will start by doing a free inspection of your home and surrounding area for pests. We want to make sure your problem is actually termite infestation, that you do not have other pest control problems you need to address as well, and that a termite baiting system is the best approach to your issue.

Once we have established the right strategy for handling termites and any other pests in and around your home, our professionals work quickly, efficiently and transparently. You’ll know exactly what we’re doing at all times, and we are great at doing our work with minimal disruption to you or your family.

Once the baiting system is in place, we will set up a maintenance plan so we can make sure that the bait stations are working. We will refresh them if necessary to make sure you never have to worry about troublesome termite problems again.

Get started by filling out our free pest inspection form and submitting it to us online.

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