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How Are Ants Entering My Home?

Posted at October 2, 2018 » By : Dan Caouette » Categories : Pest Pro News » Comments Off on How Are Ants Entering My Home?

Addressing An Ant Infestation At Your Home

There are few things more disturbing than looking down at a closet floor or a windowsill in your home and seeing a parade of ants marching through. You may immediately wonder, “Why are ants in my house?”

It’s a good question. We expect to see ants in the garden or showing up at our picnics. But we know anthills are outdoor phenomena. So what causes ants in the house, and what can you do to prevent them from coming in?

What Attracts Ants in the House?

Ants want what every other animal wants: food and shelter. But in the ants’ case, it’s mostly food. They want those sweet treats and crumbs you have lying around the house to take back to their hill and share with their fellow ants.

They may be attracted to the food in your house — but how did they get there in the first place? The same way anyone or anything else gets through. Ants are quite small, and if you have any gaps in your home, ants will get through. Cracks in walls, gaps in window seals, and sometimes even pipes that aren’t properly mounted can all give ants an opportunity to find their way in.

How to Keep Ants From Coming Into the House

The first thing to do is take away the temptation for ants to come into your house. That means cleaning up! Make sure you never leave any crumbs or scraps that could tempt an ant colony lying around. Always wash plates as soon as you are done eating and store excess food in airtight containers.

That in itself might not keep the ants out, so your next step should be to seal any possible gaps where they might get in. Add weather stripping to doors and windows, wrap your pipes and caulk any cracks in your walls. If you can make your home a complete barrier to the outdoors, the ants will have to look elsewhere.

Contact Pest Pros for Ant Control in the Cape Cod Area Now

Of course, once the ants are in, these steps will not be as effective for getting them out again. At that point, if you’re in the Cape Cod area, including locations like Yarmouth, Wareham, Chatham, Orleans and others, you need Cape Cod’s Pest Pros. We have proven, greener methods for getting rid of ants and other unwanted pests.

We can also take steps to delay the return of ants and set up regular maintenance to make sure that if they do think about coming back, we can put an end to them right away. We’re also happy to discuss the steps you can take to ward off ants in more detail.

If you’re ready to get those ants and other pests out of the house in an unobtrusive, highly effective way, Pest Pros is here to help. Contact us for a free Cape Cod pest inspection today so we can get to work on protecting your home right away.

About Dan Caouette

While looking for a business opportunity, I moved to the Cape and became involved in the pest control industry.  In 2000, I opened Pest Pros and it's been growing ever since. After a few years, working to control pests, it became clear to me that the conditions that bred termites (damp, musty basements, rotted wood) are also prime conditions for mold growth.  As a pest controller, I was uniquely qualified to fight mold at the same time.  I started Mold Care Pros, a division of Pest Pros, to specialize in Mold Remediation and Prevention. I have been heavily involved in Business Network International (BNI) where I have served as both a president and as a director of several chapters.  I conduct seminars on pest control and regularly attend SCORE business classes and other business seminars.  I also devote time to a program called "Mended Hearts," where I speak to people about heart disease.

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