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The 6 Most Common Cape Cod Pests to Look Out For

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Cape Cod is a beautiful place to live. But unfortunately, living in Massachusetts also means combatting these six top-offending New England pests:

termites in home cape cod

1. Termites

While these Massachusetts pests are small, termites can cause severe damage to your home. Termites eat wood all day, every day. This means if you notice termites in your walls or wooden beams, the structure of your home or business is in danger. Did you know termites incur an estimated five billion dollars of damage every year? Since most homeowners’ insurance fails to cover termite damage, protecting your home is a necessity.

mosquito removal cape cod

2. Mosquitos

Mosquitos can be a troublesome and painful pest that many Cape Cod residents and businesses suffer from. Hot New England summers lead to warm pond, lake, and puddle waters creating the perfect conditions for mosquitos to breed. Some mosquitos carry easily contractable diseases like West Nile and Zika virus. If you’re hearing that high-pitched buzzing sound or find yourself covered in mosquito bites, it’s crucial to take action.

fruit fly control

3. Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are small, brown, flying insects that congregate around rotting produce, over-ripe fruits, garbage cans and open liquor bottles. These flies spread unwanted bacteria onto food that you might eat. One fruit fly alone can lay up to 400 eggs every day. That’s why, when it comes to these Cape Cod pests, it’s important to eliminate fruit fly breeding grounds. To learn more about how to avoid sharing your home with this common Massachusetts pest, check out our blog post on fruit fly control.

4. Mice

If this common Cape Cod pest gets out of control, they create unsanitary living conditions fast. Mice infiltrate your home by traveling along plumbing, wiring, within walls and the ceiling, and through insulation. Signs you might have a mouse problem include spotting mouse droppings, finding nests, noticing unusual smells and hearing chewing noises.

ant removal cape cod

5. Ants

Ants are one of most common insects you’ll find, so the likelihood of ants taking over your home is high. Common pest ants in New England include the ghost ant, odorous house ant, citronella ant, pharaoh ant and pavement ant. The carpenter ant is another common Cape Cod pest. These widespread Massachusetts insects make their way into your home through small cracks in walls, windows and doors. Often traveling in large numbers, ants are particularly hard to control without the help of a professional.

cockroach removal cape cod

6. Cockroaches

It’s no surprise that cockroaches are a common New England pest. Varying in type and size, cockroaches are nocturnal and feed off of food scraps, soap, glue and book bindings. The feces, saliva and bodies of cockroaches are known to trigger asthma and allergies in humans. Cockroaches can quickly get out of hand and are known for their ability to survive in almost any environment. This resilience makes them especially hard to eliminate.

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