• Preventing Cockroaches

    Preventing Cockroaches  Cockroaches scurry about in the middle of the night with their creepy-crawly ways, and if you are a Cape Cod homeowner unlucky enough to have them, you get the shivers whenever you turn on the lights. These creatures are notoriously resilient, and myth has it, they will inherit the earth in the aftermath […]

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  • Top Pest Control Tips

    Top Pest Control Tips When we lovingly build the structures that become our homes, we quietly devote much of the design to keeping pests out. Things like concrete foundations and pressure-treated lumber do thankless work in repelling insects and resisting rot, as do many of the structural designs we have in place. But as we […]

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  • Questions To Ask A Pest Control Company

    Top 10 Questions to Ask a Pest Control Company When pests invade your home, you are faced with several important decisions. First, should you call a professional for pest control services? If so, how should you choose a pest control company? It might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll cover important questions […]

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  • Interesting Pest Facts

    Interesting Pest Facts If you have a pest problem in or around the Cape Cod area, the only pest facts or pest control information that you probably want is how to get rid of them. Still, it may help and interest you to know some of these common pest facts to consider when dealing with […]

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  • Where Do Mice Hide?

    Where Do Mice Hide in a House? One of the unpleasant guests many of us hope not to find in our homes is a mouse. Even cute mice carry disease and create unsanitary conditions in the home, and the sight and sound of the little critters scurrying about your home can be extremely unsettling. Where […]

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