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Schools and Universities

Pest Control Services for Schools & Universities

Whether you work for a public school district or a university, students and staff require a sanitary environment. With hundreds to thousands of people moving between classrooms and facilities, pest control is of the utmost importance to your school’s reputation.

At Pest Pros, we happily work with schools, colleges and universities throughout the Cape Cod and South Shore areas. Trust our experts to get your pest problem under control quickly.

How Pests Affect Educational Facilities

Pests can emerge from multiple areas in an academic building, including windows, cracks in walls and doorways without proper seals. Insects and critters are attracted to clean and dirty spaces. An infestation can happen relatively fast if there is an accessible food or water source indoors.

By the time you pick up on an infestation, chances are there are numerous pests nearby. If left untreated, they can spread bacteria and diseases that put your students and workers at risk of illness. Depending on the type of pests living in your school, you could even see structural damage.

It’s common for pests to target high-traffic rooms in schools like cafeterias and dining halls where students frequently drop food. The key to solving your pest problem is responding immediately.

Our Process for Pest Control in Schools

Pest Pros will visit your school, college or university for pest control services when you need us most. We begin our process by inspecting your academic building. We use our more than 20 years of experience in the business to locate and identify unwanted visitors in your space.

One of our experts will explain your options for treating the pests we find in your school. We specialize in one-time treatment solutions for the education industry, but we are willing to visit your building regularly if it means keeping your environment pest-free. Depending on the insects or critters you have, we may recommend a semi-annual treatment plan or having our experts return quarterly to mitigate the issue.

Reasons to Choose Pest Pros for School and University Pest Control

Pest Pros has been working with home and business owners near Cape Cod and the South Shores since 1999. We’ve built a strong reputation across our service area due to our incredible customer service and efficiency. When you work with us, you get a tailored treatment plan for the types of pests you have.

Other reasons to work with our professionals include:

Contact Pest Pros for Your Free School Pest Inspection

Pest Pros offers reliable pest control services you can count on. If you suspect you have pests within your school, college or university, call us at (508) 888-0999 for more information. You can also schedule your free pest inspection to get started.