Middleborough Pest Control

Middleborough Pest Control

How big of a deal are cranberries in the Town of Middleborough? They’re such a big deal that the Massachusetts town, located north of Wareham, has been dubbed the ‘Cranberry Capital of the World.’ The town was also chosen by Ocean Spray – the global purveyor of all things cranberry – as the site of its cooperative headquarters because so there are so many cranberry growers in the region.

Unlike farming corn or beans or apples, etcetera, where if the soil and weather conditions are favorable, any field will do, growing cranberries requires Mother Nature-made wetlands, often referred to as bogs. Middleborough is teeming with these bogs which were created by glacial deposits more than 10,000 years ago.  While the immense number of natural bogs sprinkled throughout Middleborough is perfect for producing vast quantities of the tart berries that grace our Thanksgiving tables and summer cocktails, the swamp-like bogs can also, unfortunately, attract unwanted household pests.

Many insects – including termites, roaches, earwigs, and black ants, carpenter ants and field ants – thrive in and around moist terrain such as the bogs of Middleborough.  Because of its proximity to nearby Buzzards Bay, Middleborough has high levels of humidity which can also draw pests. While the cranberry farms of Middleborough are bountiful and beautiful, a much less appealing side of living in a farming community can be the presence of roaches, rats and mice which are able to find a steady source of food and water in an agricultural area. Because fleas and bedbugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we – and our pets – exhale, they are an unfortunate reality regardless of where one resides.

The ‘ounce of prevention’ adage holds especially true in home pest control. Keeping trash containers tightly sealed is a critical step in pest control, as is not allowing water to accumulate in outdoor containers. Birdfeeders and birdbaths can also draw unwanted pests. Keeping organic matter, such as plantings and mulch, at least two feet away from the foundation of your home is also effective.

If you find your home has become infested with insects or rodents and are wondering how to get rid of termites, rats and mice – or any other pest – it’s time to call a pest control company.

South Shore Pest Pros offers a wide range of pest control services in Middleborough, and throughout Cape Cod and the South Shore and South Coast of Massachusetts. As professional pest exterminators, we understand how upsetting it is to realize you have insects or rodents in your home. Because we’re locally owned and operated, South Shore Pest Pros is able to quickly assess your situation and enact an effective pest eradication plan. We provide a wide variety of services so if you find yourself in need of an exterminator, whether it’s a bug exterminator or a mouse exterminator or to eradicate any of the common –and not so common – pests found in our region, South Shore Pest Pros can safely and effectively rid your home of these most-unwelcome visitors.

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