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Mosquito and Tick Control in Cape Cod

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Very few people are fans of the mosquito. As household pests go, they are among the worst. These ugly bloodsucking creatures love to get their noses into you, leaving behind an unsightly bump and an incredibly unpleasant itching sensation.

If only that were the worst of it. Mosquitoes are also one of the No. 1 carriers of bloodborne diseases, meaning mosquitoes and their smaller, more ground-based cousins —ticks—can spread extremely serious diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus. These diseases can cause severe health issues and can even be fatal, especially to children and the elderly. You want to expose your family toas few mosquitoes as possible.

Unfortunately, if you live in the Cape Cod area, that’s not an easy task. Places like Cape Cod, with lots of standing water and moisture everywhere, are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes —and it often seems like they are everywhere. Sure, you can slather yourself with insect repellent, but that doesn’t always make a practical solution when it comes to mosquitoes in your home or your backyard.

Tick and Mosquito Treatments in Cape Cod

Cape Cod Pest Pros are the unquestioned experts when it comes to tick and mosquito control in Cape Cod. Tick control and mosquito control of the kind you really need means making sure your home is as mosquito- and tick-free as possible. It also means making sure the surrounding areas, like your front porch and backyard, are controlled for mosquitos and ticks, too.

After all, part of the joy of owning a Cape Cod home is having friends over for barbecues in the backyard, iced tea on the front porch or just generally enjoying the New England atmosphere around your home.

Here’s how we do it: We set up a fogging barrier treatment that covers the perimeter of your yard. By targeting bushes, trees, clumps of leaves and other dense vegetation on your lawn, surrounding your deck or near your patio, we can attack the spots where mosquitos and ticks live and breed. This dramatically reduces their numbers and allows you to enjoy your environment without having to constantly shoo away these dreaded pests.

Once we’ve removed the mosquitos and ticks to your satisfaction, we can schedule regular preventive maintenance, renewing our pest control efforts before those mosquitos and ticks get any ideas about invading again. You’ll be able to enjoy freedom from mosquito and tick infestation worries all year long.

Contact Cape Cod Pest Pros for Reliable Cape Cod Mosquito Control and Tick Control

There’s no substitute for the joy of knowing your children and pets can run around your yard having the fun they were meant to have, as you watch without worrying that every step or every extra minute will bring an itchy or dangerous tick or mosquito bite. You deserve the freedom of being able to schedule cookouts or pool parties all summer without having them canceled or ended early on account of mosquito overload.

Cape Cod Pest Pros are the established professionals when it comes to all the kinds of pests you may encounter in your yard or your Cape Cod home, including ants, termites and earwigs, but dealing with mosquitoes and ticks is our specialty. We know how important it is, and that’s why we spare no effort in making sure your home and the land it’s built on is as mosquito- and tick-free as possible.

As with our other pest control services, we’d like to start by offering you a complimentary inspection of your yard. We have the tools and experience necessary to assess the nature of your tick and mosquito problem. We can let you know the extent of it and exactly what it will take for you to recapture your lawn from the bloodsuckers.

We’ve been at this for about 20 years, and everyone who knows pest control in the Cape Cod area knows Cape Cod Pest Pros can get it done when it comes to ticks and mosquitoes. Find out how it all works for yourself by filling out and submitting our inspection form for a free mosquito and tick inspection of your home today.

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