Mosquito And Tick Treatments

Mosquito and Tick Treatments Cape Codmosquito control and extermination

Mosquito and tick control has become a much more common concern for homeowners in the Cape Cod area recent years. With the cases of West Nile Virus, Triple E and most recently Zika, the control of these pests has become not only solutions for warding off nuisance pests when trying to enjoy your yard but also as a measure of safety for you and your family.

At Pest Pros, we implement a fogging barrier treatment around the perimeter of a yard. Targeting the dense vegetation like bushes, trees, leave litter, etc that surround your lawn, decks, and patios allow us to directly apply a residual control around where these pests reside and reproduce.

We’ve received rave reviews from clients about being able to enjoy their cookouts, pool parties, or just lounging in their yard without worrying about the looming threat of biting mosquitoes. Pet owners also love the peace of mind of protecting their dogs from the threat of tick bites. So take your yard back and call for a free inspection of your yard and price quote today!

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