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Pest Control in Cotuit, MA

Pest Control in Cotuit, MA

There is never an ideal time to have a pest problem. Whether you are in the comfort of your own home or holding a business meeting at work, pests can find their way into any yard or property. If you currently live in the Cotuit area, it’s that time of year where mosquitos, ticks, bees, ants, termites and more are looking for a new home.

The key to keeping pests out of your way is to plan ahead and attack before they can infiltrate year-round. Pest Pros protects Cape Cod and the Southern Shore from those annoying insects, mice or rats that may have taken a liking to your lifestyle. The first step in fixing a pest problem is knowing how to spot where it’s starting.

Tips for Spotting Pests

First things first — if you live in the Cotuit area, you are in a hotspot for pests, as this location experiences all four seasons. In some cases, homeowners live with mice, ants or termites without knowing it. You can perform a quick home pest inspection before calling our professionals if you are up for the test.

Some tips for finding pests include to:

  • Inspect insulation: Bacteria from droppings can collect here if a pest has made a new home.
  • Check out your home’s sill plate: This is an important structural support beam to your home and a resting spot for termites.
  • Look for rodent entry points: Anything from an unsealed pipe to a hole in the wall can help you trace where rodents are coming from.

Conducting your own home inspection may help you sleep better at night. This process helps Pest Pros prepare for what we are walking into and the size of the pest problem. If you see any bugs or pests, give us a call — our inspection is free!


Knowing Your Hometown

Cotuit is a hotspot for a variety of beetles, ants, bees and termites due to the climate. Massachusetts is a relatively wet state that creates a suitable environment for insects to hatch and grow. No one ever wants a pest problem, but Pest Pros is always ready to help.

With service plans, mosquito and tick treatments, termite control and bacterial cleanup, no pest can survive against our background and knowledge. Pest Pros has been protecting the Massachusetts area since 1999, and no problem is too complex for us to handle. We specialize in taking care of your home and ensure pests rarely return.

Get a Free Inspection

That’s right. If you are too afraid to start poking around your own home, give us a call at (508) 888-0999 to set up your free inspection. Finding the root of your pest problem is the start of bringing your life back to normal.

Contact us today to learn more about our services to keep Cotuit clean and pest-free.