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Pest Control in Eastham, MA

Pest Control in Eastham, MA

The shores of Massachusetts are breathtaking. Eastham township holds a number of beaches for residents to visit all while enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. The views of Eastham provide homeowners with calming effects, but nothing can reverse this process faster than the discovery of pests.

Massachusetts is home to green trees, rich soil, wildlife and scenery, but humans are not the only ones to thrive in this environment. Pest Pros wants to help eliminate the ants, ticks, termites, mice and beetles that might be working their way into your dream vacation home.

DIY Pest Proofing

Searching for pests is not a fun activity, but this is the first step in correcting a problem. Do yourself a favor and inspect home insulation, exposed wooden structures and unsealed pipes throughout your attic or basement. Insects and rodents use these locations as entry points for feeding on materials they desire.

There are a number of outdoor tricks you can try to cut further entry points for pests:

  • Trim back trees: Ants can easily travel from trees into gutters from branches.
  • Securing windows and screens: Beetles and other flying insects make their way into homes from cracks or slits in screens.
  • Eliminate clutter and redirect moisture: Pests hide where you rarely go. Cleaning out cardboard boxes and keeping outdoor drains away from your home keeps roaches and water bugs out.

Even if you are not experiencing a pest problem, these methods prevent future infestations from happening. What if it’s too late? Calling Pest Pros is the best way to cut insects and rodents off at the source.

Ant and Termite Control in Eastham, MA

Ants and termites are two of the most commonly seen pests in the Eastham area. Thriving on moisture and wood, these insects survive in environments close to beaches and water.

When dealing with ants, Pest Pros handles acrobat, carpenter, field, pavement and little black ants. These insects can live both indoors and outdoors, but they ultimately serve as an inconvenience for Eastham residents.

Ants and termites multiply quickly, but Pest Pros specializes in environmentally friendly solutions to get rid of colonies. Homeowners don’t have to rely on pesticides to eliminate both ants and termites. With options to use natural remedies or bait and trap systems, insects will leave you and your home alone.

Living in Eastham, MA

Pest Pros knows the pests native to Eastham better than anyone else. Serving Cape Cod and surrounding shores since 1999, we are experts at eliminating pests while being friendly to the outdoors.

Eastham is home to open waters, wildlife and fresh air. Knowing the lifestyle of this location, Pest Pros uses natural insecticide compounds to eliminate the toughest of pests. Essential oils extracted from plants are the perfect ingredients to take care of unwanted visitors in Eastham.

Pest Pros provides a number of options to defeat pests feeding on your home and property all while sticking to the classic Eastham outdoor lifestyle.

Contact Pest Pros for a Free Pest Inspection

Checking your home for insects and rodents is a scary task. If searching your home for pests becomes too much to handle, contact Pest Pros for a free home pest inspection. Gaining control over bugs and more has never been easier, so call us at (508) 888-0999 today.