Pest Control in Hyannis, MA

Pest Control in Hyannis, MA

Hyannis, MA, is home to a number of residents and travelers who enjoy sailing on the harbor. This popular village serves as a vacation spot, as it is a hotspot of wildlife, vineyards, fishing and outdoor activity. With a location so green and hydrated, you can bet that homes in this area are susceptible to insects and other pests looking for a place to stay.

Here at Pest Pros, we feel that Hyannis homes should be safe for all friends, families and tourists. Before any pests can infiltrate your home, follow this guide to keep your beach vacation getaway in pristine shape.

Warning Signs of Pest Infestation

Before calling Pest Pros for an infestation cleanup plan, there are a few concepts to keep in mind when assuming there are pests in your home. It’s important to be extremely observant when identifying a pest problem, so check common entry point locations. Pest Pros sees insects and rodents living in the following locations:

  • Home insulation pieces
  • Wooden support structures
  • Unsealed piping

While pests also enter homes through open windows, thin walls, old doors, chimneys and siding, the list above shows parts of a house that go unseen. Pests large and small tend to hide where you rarely go, so checking these places helps you identify the pest you’re dealing with.

Aside from inspecting these spots, pests usually leave a trail behind. Look for clues of an infestation such as chewed plants, damage to wooden frames, droppings and nests.

Ant, Termite and Tick Control in Hyannis, MA

Hyannis is a relatively wet area. Due to this characteristic, ants, termites and ticks have no problem surviving here. Luckily, Pest Pros knows insects that are native to Massachusetts better than the rest.

Pest Pros has the capability to treat a variety of ant populations that live both indoors and outdoors. With environmentally friendly insecticide compounds, termites and ticks can also become a problem of the past.

The best part? All of our solutions are 100% natural, so you don’t have to worry about contaminated water runoff.

Pest Pros does not want you or a loved one exposed to ticks that might carry Lyme disease. With our Quarterly Service Program, your Hyannis vacation home can receive treatment every 90 days. If you spot unwanted pests before your scheduled date, just give us a call, and we will cover it free of charge.

Pest Pros has been protecting Massachusetts since 1999, so there is no pest problem too large for us to handle.

Get a Free Home Pest Inspection Today

Conducting a home pest inspection can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Hyannis is such an incredible place to live and work, but it’s important that your home or business is protected from pest damage.

Take control of your home and keep those pests away for good. Call Pest Pros at (508) 888-0999 or contact us online for a free home pest inspection today.

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