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Pest Control in Osterville, MA

Pest Control in Osterville, MA

Nothing beats the spectacular views of Osterville, MA. From the scenic Oyster Harbors to the small lakes and beaches, this village is a special treat for residents and travelers. With this in mind, nothing could ruin this beautiful place to live other than tricky pests making their way into your home.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts is home to a variety of beetles, ants, bees, mosquitos and termites, but they don’t stand a chance against Pest Pros. Understanding your environment and the pests that roam your location is the key to preventing infestation.

Spotting Pests Around Your Home

Pests are small and sometimes tricky to find. However, insects, mice and rats often leave a trail behind for you to discover their tracks. By taking the following precautions, you can see for yourself if you have a pest problem:

  • Monitor home insulation: Your home is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Checking for insects or mice in attics and basements may reveal nests and other harmful bacteria.
  • Inspect home foundation: Insects often try to stay as close to soil as possible. Look along the bottom supports of your home to see if any termite damage exists.
  • Check pipes and walls: Rodents and insects love to enter homes through unsealed pipes and thin walls. Monitor your attic and basement for any easy entry points that might be allowing pests in and out of your home.

Taking these safety measures is the first step in deciding if Pest Pros should visit your house. We are trained professionals with experience in hunting down pests to discover the root of the problem.

Choose the Quarterly Service Program

When it comes to dealing with pests in the Osterville area, Pest Pros has you covered. No matter how large or small an infestation, we encourage our customers to check out our Quarterly Service Program for future pest prevention.

With this program, our customers are granted a visit from Pest Pros every 90 days if a problem continues after our first visit. If you see a pest before the next scheduled visit, give us a call, and we take care of it for no further cost.

That’s right — you have Pest Pros on-call when you need us the most. The Quarterly Service Program caters to your specific pest problem and is environmentally-conscious.

Living in Osterville, MA

Osterville is the perfect place to work and live. As you know, residents of this area love to be outside, as there are beaches, animals and more to admire. With this realization, Pest Pros uses environmentally friendly solutions for even the biggest pest problems.

We want to keep Osterville in great shape, and you will find that our natural insecticide compounds adapt to any landscape. Together, we can find the best green solution to eliminate pests that bother you the most.

Contact Pest Pros for a Free Inspection

Pest Pros understands infestations are scary. There is nothing worse than poking around your home and finding unwanted visitors. By contacting Pest Pros, we honor a free home pest inspection to all interested customers.

Gain control over your home and life. Call Pest Pros today at (508) 888-0999, or contact us online to schedule your free inspection.