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Pest Control in Truro, MA

Pest Control in Truro, MA

For some, Truro is the ideal vacation spot. Surrounded by ocean waters, Truro, MA, is home to wildlife, rich soil, vineyards and outdoor activity. With such a versatile climate all year-round, this location becomes a hotspot for ants, termites, mosquitos, ticks and beetles.

There is nothing worse than a colony of pests making their way into your dream home or business, but Pest Pros is always here to help with your pest management needs.

How Can Pests Enter My Home?

Pest Pros encourages those suffering from infestations to search a few places to identify the bug problem. First things first, understand that pests can enter your home from a variety of places. Based on our experience, Pest Pros sees insects and rodents living in home insulation, wooden structural supports and unsealed pipes.

Pulling back some of these sources to check for captured moisture or rotting is a great first step toward eliminating pests in your home. Additionally, there are a few pro tips you can follow to reduce the risk of pest infestation:

  • Sealing doors and windows: A large number of pests enter homes through doors and windows that do not properly close. Check door and window frames and patch screens as needed.
  • Walls and foundation: Pests including rodents and insects chew through walls and wooden supports. Search from the ground up to see if you notice any unfamiliar damage or holes around the house.
  • Siding and chimney: Ensure that the siding of your house is not pulling away from materials underneath. Insects gravitate toward these openings, and the same can be said regarding chimneys. If moisture gets stuck here, bugs will infiltrate.

Keeping your eyes open for damage and warning signs helps Pest Pros diagnose and correct a pest problem.

Termite Control in Truro, MA

Termites survive by feeding on wood and can withstand intense heat. Since Truro contains wooden buildings, homes and structures toward the beach, this location is a popular spot for termite colonies. By monitoring wooden features around your home, you can prevent a termite problem before it even happens.

Termites leave a trail of bite marks and mud tunnels around homes. Contacting Pest Pros for our pest control services and natural insecticide compounds keeps your home and Truro safe from termites. Best of all, we specialize in effective green solutions for any pest removal.

Releasing harmful pest chemicals is a method of the past. Depending on your preference, Pest Pros has the ability to use essential oils from plants or bait and capture systems to remove the trickiest pests. Pest Pros solutions are 100% natural, so you can feel confident that we aim to preserve Truro and the state of Massachusetts.

Get Your Free Home Pest Inspection

Conducting a pest inspection can be frightening because you never know what you might find. Fortunately, Pest Pros offers a free pest inspection for those in the Truro area experiencing a problem. Whether your home requires one-time treatment or you are interested in our Quarterly Service Program, Pest Pros is here to help.

You deserve to enjoy your dream vacation home, so call us at (508) 888-0999 or contact us online today.