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Pest Servicespest services cape cod

We offer a variety of service plans for home or business owners looking to get rid of pests in their home. Read below to find out more about the different services we offer!

Quarterly Service Plankeep your cape cod home free of pests with our quarterly service plan. Our quarterly service program includes preventative maintenance every 90-days to help keep pest out of your home!

• Semi-Annual Service: A semi-annual service plan can be a good option for people that only want service for a certain part of the year or want control at a summer home, common to the Cape Cod area.

º Semi-Annual Preventative Service: A basic service providing exterior treatments around your home. This can be a good option for someone interested in a more limited treatment plan and keeping costs down.

º Semi-Annual Service With Callbacks: A seasonal service that includes the free Call Back feature, usually only a part of our full quarterly plan, keeping Pest Pros on call for you year round at no additional costs for persisting issue inside the home.

One Time Treatments: While many pest issues require some level of ongoing maintenance to remain under control, we do offer One-Time treatments for customers not interested in routine service. Common pests that we do one-time treatment for include bees/wasps, fleas, and carpenter ants. But, just let us know what issue you are dealing with and Pest Pros will always be willing to help you out!

Mosquito and Tick: Mosquitos and Ticks are becoming more of a problem for Cape Cod residents. we provide spraying services to keep your yard mosquito and tick free.

Commercial Service: Is your business experiencing a pest problem? Our commercial services remove pest from your business.

Termite BaitingOur Advanced termite baiting system is a way to remove termites without using pesticides. The system removes termite colonies by trapping termites.

For all of your pest needs contact our team today!


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