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Pest Control Services & Treatments

Pest Control Services & Treatmentspest services cape cod

Pest Pros offers a complete range of pest services in Cape Cod to keep your home or business pest-free. For your convenience, we offer several different service plans so you can make the best use of our Cape Cod pest services. Take a look at our different plans to see which one is best for you.

One-Time Treatments

Many people with pest issues in Cape Cod choose to start with our one-time treatments. The simple truth is that if you live in an area that is susceptible to pest infestation and you need pest services now, there is a good chance you will need them again in the future.

However, one-time treatments are a good way to get to know our services. It can help you decide what kind of routine pest maintenance you may need down the road. People often choose one-time treatments when they have a sudden problem with bees, wasps, carpenter ants or fleas.

Semi-Annual Service

Semi-annual service is suitable for people who need pest services in Cape Cod only during specific parts of the year. We offer a number of different types of semi-annual service.

In addition to the standard semi-annual plan, for a slightly higher fee, you can choose Semi-Annual Service with Callbacks. This is a seasonal service that allows you free callbacks so you have Pest Pros on call anytime at no additional costs when you have a persistent issue.

For a slightly lower fee, you can opt for our Semi-Annual Preventative Service, which is a simple treatment plan consisting of exterior treatments around the home.

Quarterly Service

This is our recommended service plan. Pest Pros will take care of your pest problem and return to do preventative maintenance every 90 days so your Cape Cod home will be pest-free year-round without your ever having to worry about the problem.

We also offer some specific a-la-carte insect treatment solutions:

Mosquito and Tick Service

If you are being plagued by mosquitoes and/or ticks, as many Cape Cod residents have been, call us for spraying services that will keep mosquitoes and ticks out of your yard.

Termite Baiting

Termites can be a serious problem that does massive damage to your home. We offer an advanced, pesticide-free termite baiting system where we trap the termite colonies and remove them. This protects your home from further termite damage without subjecting your home to toxic chemicals.

In addition to our wide range of effective Cape Cod pest control options, we also offer pest control for businesses. If your commercial location is experiencing pest issues, call Pest Pros for complete commercial pest control of your facility.

We look forward to serving your pest control needs. Contact us today!


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