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Mold Remediation Services

Mold Remediation Services

Mold Remediation Services

Keeping mold issues under control can be challenging to do on your own. Fortunately, the experts at Mold Pros know what to do. Mold and fungi are home-invading organisms that we can remove. In addition to our certification and training in mold remediation services, our years of experience in pest control and rodent infestation cleanups uniquely qualify us to comprehensively restore your moisture-affected spaces.

Identifying and removing mold infestations requires a proactive approach. If you suspect you have a mold issue, calling us for a free inspection is a wise first step.

Mold Removal or Restoration

Mold remediation starts with inspecting the area to pinpoint the source. Once we’ve determined where your mold issue is and the extent of its growth, we implement an actionable remediation strategy. Addressing the moisture source that fuels mold growth prevents the problem from returning and worsening.

Mold Pros’ technicians implement air-exhausting measures to prevent the cross-contamination and spread of mold spores into other living spaces. We use tools to remove and properly discard contaminated materials like sheetrock and insulation and completely sanitize all mold-exposed surfaces. Leaving items covered in mold will only allow the problem to continue. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and dehumidifying affected rooms are crucial to inhibit mold resurgence.

Professional mold removers employ specialized equipment and techniques to ensure a comprehensive approach. A successful remediation will restore indoor air quality, health and integrity.

Mold Inspection and Mold Testing

A trained eye knows where to look to find signs of mold growth in a home.

While you can search for mold in the obvious spots, it can thrive almost anywhere with a moisture source. However, mold also spreads unpredictably via spores that are too tiny to see with the naked eye. Our mold testing services allow us to capture samples from the air and get detailed lab reports about the presence of mold in your home’s air.

Mold can dramatically decrease your indoor air quality and trigger allergic reactions. Mold Pros offers proactive mold testing and investigation services to find and eliminate infestations. Our team of well-trained and certified investigators will give you a comprehensive report on the extent of mold issues in your home or business.

Commercial Mold Remediation

We have experience working in multiple industries, including food services, hospitality, health care, real estate, retail stores and restaurants. The techniques and tools we use will eliminate your mold problems without disrupting your business or operations.

We believe commercial mold removal should be convenient, fast and as safe as possible. Mold Pros takes pride in the work we do and the professionalism we exhibit. We do our job well, so you can do the same. Contact us if your commercial property or business space is experiencing moisture or mold problems.

Residential Mold Remediation

Keeping your home free of mold is a vital health and safety measure. Homeowners and tenants need a mold removal service they can trust. We are specialists who provide the utmost care and expertise in our work. Our residential mold services are thorough, and we know what to look for.

The testimonials and reviews we receive from satisfied customers prove our commitment to our clients. From investigating crawl spaces to finding moisture in the most vulnerable places, you can rest assured that your home will be mold-free when we leave. Reacting quickly to mold is the best way to keep the air quality in your home pristine at all times.

Residential Mold Remediation

Moisture Solutions

Remember, mold is the symptom of a moisture issue. So, while getting your home mold-free through remediation is a priority, we are also mindful of the conditions that allowed spores to spread in the first place. You must address issues related to humidity, ventilation and water intrusion to avoid recurring mold problems. With our decades of experience, we know what to look for.

Mold Pros provides an extensive range of moisture control services to keep the air inside your home fresh and preserve your family’s health. Our advanced moisture control techniques make your property inhospitable to mold.

The Dangers of Mold

Whether you are at home or outdoors, there is always some level of mold in the air. Not all mold species are harmful, though some produce mycotoxins, which can harm your indoor air quality.

Exposure to mold in an indoor area can also aggravate allergy symptoms like sinus and eye irritation, coughing, wheezing and sneezing. Those with respiratory issues like emphysema and asthma are at higher risk, and immunocompromised people can contract severe infections and illnesses from mold.

Prolonged mold exposure will make these health issues worse. Trust the knowledgeable technicians at Mold Pros to eradicate your infestation as quickly as possible. We stand by our solutions with a guarantee.

Mold FAQs

Find the answers to all your questions about mold and mold infestations here.

What Causes Mold?

Mold can thrive in areas where moisture and organic materials interact. An area with at least 60% humidity provides a breeding ground supporting mold growth. It reproduces through tiny, invisible spores that fill the air and grow on any moist surface they land on. Mold can occur all year round — for example, ice dams on your roof can lead to winter mold issues.

Why Is Mold Growing in My Home?

Excess moisture invites mold to proliferate in your house. Plumbing pipes, roofs and windows can all leak and provide an ideal breeding ground for mold. High-humidity areas like bathrooms, basements and poorly ventilated laundry rooms are also prone to mold.

What Are the Common Signs of Mold Growth?

You can see or smell mold growing in your home or business. Mold can be slimy and slightly fuzzy. Look for discolored patches in areas exposed to water. You might also notice a distinctive musty smell. Hire a mold testing service if you spot any of these red flags.

Get Peace of Mind on Cape Cod With Mold Pros

Get Peace of Mind on Cape Cod With Mold Pros

Keep your property mold-free with our top-notch services at Mold Pros. We are your best choice for in-depth testing and reports, thorough remediations and effective removal. If you need a contractor for mold treatment, choose a reliable company with a stellar reputation. Cape Cod residents can rest assured that our skilled and well-trained experts can solve your mold problems with our industry’s safest and most effective solutions.

Schedule your eco-friendly inspection today by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you and restoring your well-being.