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Mouse Bacterial Clean Up

Bacterial Cleanup After a Rodent Infestation

mouse bacterial cleanup

Bacterial cleanup after a rodent infestation is necessary for cleanliness, important to your health and highly specialized. The pests might be gone, but the mess remains — and it’s potentially dangerous. Allergens, bacteria, fleas, ticks, diseases and viruses linger in your house after mice and rats have been removed. Rodents are most prolific at nesting, reproducing, and defecating in secluded areas like basements, attics, and crawlspaces. As the size of the colony grows though, and as they forage for food sources to sustain it, they become more comfortable traveling into your kitchen, pantries, and living spaces. As this happens, you become more likely to come into contact with these unsanitary threats — on your carpets, in your cabinets, on fabrics, on kitchen surfaces and everywhere the rodents have left droppings or urine.

So how do you know the do’s and don’ts of cleaning up, and how can you be sure to remove all traces of rodent infestations? Here are some common questions:

  1. Can You Vacuum Rodent Droppings?

Dangers of vacuuming mice droppings

One mouse can leave up to 36,000 droppings every year. When you find yourself stuck with the messy aftermath of a mouse or rat infestation, it’s tempting to use a vacuum or broom to make the filth disappear as soon as possible. But vacuuming is not always a safe way to permanently clean up after mice or rats. In fact, it can be dangerous. Most domestic vacuums and shop vacs don’t have sophisticated enough filters to ensure you won’t disperse airborne contaminants during cleanup. This can put you at risk of disrupting disease-causing particles that will linger in the air, exposing you to potential health risks.

  1. How Can You Remove Rodent Droppings From Carpets and Fabrics?

If vacuuming and sweeping aren’t safe options for rodent cleanup, what’s the best way to remove traces of mice and rats from your carpets, floors and fabrics? Should you use home cleaners and detergents to try to rid yourself of the filth and toxins?

The best cleaning methods you can do yourself involve plastic gloves, bleach and selective spot cleaning. You’ll have to spray and soak all the urine and droppings, pick them up with paper towels, mop the affected areas with disinfectant, seal everything you intend to discard in a plastic bag and make sure you’ve covered every area.

cleaning mouse droppings from carpets

For a full-blown rodent infestation, these methods are slow, selective and not guaranteed to fully clean your home or eliminate all threats. Simply put, they’re just not enough. Again, you risk exposing yourself to dangerous toxins, and spot cleaning will not decontaminate your entire home. Plus, remember those pheromones trails that mice leave for each other? They’re invisible, and they can continue to attract more rodents even if the rest of the mess is gone.

  1. Should You Contact a Professional?

You can work to prevent rodent infestations by keeping your house as clean as possible. Keep your food in tight containers, discard spilled and spoiled food and drink, seal small wall holes with caulk and make sure to change your trash frequently and keep it covered. Sometimes, however, infestations can happen despite your best efforts and these infestations can escalate out of your control. If obvious rodent attractors like loose trash or crumbs aren’t the culprit, it will be difficult for you to clear out the problem on your own.

professional mouse droppings cleanup

Trying to handle cleanup yourself can cause more trouble, so it’s better to depend on an expert for your safety and peace of mind. After a large-scale infestation, the best way to make sure your house is clean, safe and decontaminated is to contact a professional service for proper bacteria cleanup. It’s also the most certain way to make sure rodent infestations doesn’t reoccur.

At Cape Cod Pest Pros, we don’t just spot-clean. We offer rat and mouse cleanup services that ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home. We save you time, effort and the nasty experience of facing rodent aftermath yourself by making sure your house is clean and fully decontaminated.

How? With our environmentally-friendly products and expert technology, we remove rodent-contaminated insulation you might not be able to find, and we treat structural wood to eliminate bacteria and protect your house’s structure. We are quick, thorough and effective. Your home and health are safe with us.

How Does Bacterial Cleanup Work?

Need some extra assurance about the effectiveness of our rodent cleanup services? Here’s exactly what we do for your home after an infestation — and how we do it:

  • Venting and containing the area. As we work to remove infested materials and sanitize the space, we keep unsanitary particles from traveling to other parts of the house. By sealing off the space with thick plastic, using fans to filter out infected particles and employing a HEPA machine to clean the air, we make sure no cross-contamination can occur.
  • Using proper protective equipment. We make sure everyone is protected when coming into contact with an infested area. This means our team uses specialized respirators and protective gloves to ensure our and your safety.

removing mouse contaminents

  • Removing all contaminated material. We collect every trace of the rodent infestation, which means pulling down infested insulation, removing nests, droppings and bodies, and sealing the remnants in bags to safely remove and dispose of. If more materials are compromised, we can cut out contaminated parts of your ceiling, tiles or drywall. We take care of removing every remnant, including any stored items like clothing, boxes and furniture that you no longer want.
  • Thorough cleaning. When every contaminated object, air particle and structural piece is safely removed, we perform a meticulous sanitizing of your entire space. We lift and remove particles with HEPA filtration vacuums, and then we treat the area with biocides to kill bacteria and viruses.
  • Sealing rodent entry points. After removing insulation, we inspect the exposed structural wood of your wall or ceiling to check for places the rodents used to enter. When we find entry points — most often around problem areas like outdoor openings and plumbing or wire transitions — we make sure to seal them so the rodents won’t return.
  • Reinsulating your space. After rodent cleanup in your basement, attic or other insulated areas, you might need more insulation to make up for what the mice-infested. We can install fresh insulation when you need it.

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You’ve invested time and effort in your home. It’s supposed to be a safe, comforting place to rest, to entertain and to be proud of. When it comes to mouse and rat infestations, you want the problem gone as quickly as possible.

If you’re trying to control, eliminate and clean up after the devastation of a rodent invasion, it’s likely you don’t have the resources to adequately handle the problem on your own. To protect your home, your health, your food and your family, you need a professional expert to exterminate the pests and deliver efficient, lasting cleanup services.

We’ve been providing quick, dependable, environmentally-friendly pest control and cleanup services since 1999, and we are proud to serve homes in the Cape Cod and Barnstable communities. We hire only professionally certified team members, stay up-to-date on new industry methods and never stop perfecting our performance. Cape Cod Pest Pros is dedicated to delivering the best pest control possible, and our inspections and estimates are always free. Put your pest problems in our hands — we promise to protect your home. Contact us today online or call (508) 888-0999.

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