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Quarterly Service Program

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Quarterly Pest Control Services

Once you’ve had Pest Pros perform pest control services for your Cape Cod home, we know you’ll enjoy the feeling of being pest-free and the freedom of having your home back. Unfortunately, where pests have been before, they will probably appear again eventually. That is why good pest maintenance on Cape Cod is so important.

If you have enjoyed our service in the past, you know we have a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction and that we stand by all the pest control methods we use. To derive the maximum benefit from our services, we recommend keeping your pest maintenance going with our quarterly service program.


Why Choose the Pest Pros Quarterly Service Program?

It’s easy to understand why our quarterly service program would be the most popular plan we offer for pest control maintenance on Cape Cod. Call us to set up quarterly service maintenance and we’ll be back to perform general service every 90 days. With this service, you may never see another pest again — and if you do, it’s only a short time before we come back to take care of the problem.

In fact, as a quarterly service customer, you also have access to our “Call Back” feature. This means that if you do have a problem between our visits, you can just give us a call and our trained professionals will address it at no further cost to you. It’s like having pest control “on-call” at all times!


How the Quarterly Service Program Works

The first time we arrive to set up your quarterly service plan, we’ll develop a program that suits the specific needs of your home. Whether you are plagued by ants, wasps, bees, hornets, earwigs, mice, ticks, mosquitos or some other common household pet, we’ll take care of them in an efficient and environmentally conscious way. We’ll then return every 90-days to repeat the process to keep your home pest-free year ’round. Our trained professionals have years of experience ridding homes of bugs and other pests and we can do the same for you.

The pest control techniques we use remove pests from your home and keep them away for a long time. Still, as long as there is an ecosystem that supports them, pests can always come back. With our quarterly service maintenance program, you’ll never have to worry about that again. There’s no better way to keep your Cape Cod home pest-free for the long term.


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We can start your quarterly pest control maintenance on Cape Cod right away. To learn more about Pest Pros or to order service, contact us online or call (508) 888-0999

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