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Termite Treatment


Are you dealing with a termite infestation on Cape Cod? Are you unsure of the next steps to take? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the situation? If so, you’re not alone. And you do have locally owned and operated support in the form of Pest Pros. Since 1999, we’ve been helping home and business owners with Cape Cod termite infestation.

When you call on Pest Pros for your termite issues, you get assistance that’s fast, dependable and environmentally friendly. We understand that termite issues at your home or business represent urgent issues, which is why we work urgently to deliver the results you need. Count on us when you’re experiencing a termite infestation on Cape Cod.

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Why Termite Treatment Is Important

If you’ve noticed signs of termite activity around your home or commercial property, professional treatment is critical to avoid:

  • Property damage: When termites feed and create tunnels, they can cause or worsen structural damage that could make your property unsafe. They can also destroy furniture, flooring and personal belongings, like fabrics and paper items, and lessen the resale value of your home or business.
  • Health hazards: Termites are a threat to your family or patrons. Although termites rarely bite, they can occasionally deliver small pinches if threatened. The biggest threat termites pose to human health is potential allergic reactions to their shed skins or contact dermatitis from direct contact. Some nests can also trigger allergies or asthma in vulnerable individuals.
  • Costly repairs: The longer you ignore a suspected termite infestation, the more costly and extensive your damage and subsequent repairs will be. Prevention and prompt removal are essential to avoid expensive damage.

Types of Termite Treatments

Several treatment methods exist for eliminating termite infestations on your property, including:

  • Chemical treatments: Specialists apply chemical insecticide treatments in critical areas around your property, like near the building’s foundation, to target vulnerable entry points and ward off termites. While this is a fast and effective way of eliminating insects, it’s a complex process that requires a professional. It’s also important that you work with a company like Pest Pros, who offers chemical treatments that are safe to use around your pets and family.
  • Barrier treatments: Barrier treatments put physical or chemical barriers around vulnerable parts of your property and near common entry points to keep termites from penetrating and entering your home or business. While prevention is an integral part of treatment, termites only need 1/32 of an inch of space to get inside a building. This is so small that many entry points remain hidden and impossible to inspect.
  • Termite baits: Termite baiting involves using liquid rod injection systems, shaped like small tubes, filled with a combination of cellulose — which termites feed on — and a toxic substance. These rods are inserted into the ground in a process called “rodding.” Foraging termites feed on the bait and take it back to the rest of the colony, effectively eliminating the root of the infestation without having to locate it first. This baiting method means no termiticide ever enters your home, and it’s a good way to protect your property from incurring any damage. The process does take a professional for correct placement and installation, and some baits may require professional maintenance or monitoring.
  • Wood treatment: Wood termite treatments are either sprays, foams or injections that specialists infuse into lumber to discourage termites from boring into or feeding on the wood. These treatments are most effective when they are pre-applied to lumber, like new construction homes and commercial buildings. While it’s possible to apply wood treatments to preexisting structures, it cannot repair any existing damage, and some areas are challenging to reach once built.

Common Termite Treatment Questions

If you’ve got a termite infestation, prompt treatment is essential — but what does that mean for your property? These are the top questions we get from home and business owners like you:

Is Treatment Safe for My Family?

The most important part of any pest treatment plan is keeping guests, loved ones or business patrons safe. At Pest Pros, we offer safe, green treatment solutions free of harmful chemicals that threaten children, pets and vulnerable individuals. We’ll work with you to create a plan for your property that doesn’t involve using or leaving behind toxic substances.

Can You Treat “Spots”?

Spot treatments are not a recommended method for termite treatment. Pest infestations are a complex situation that involves a combination of factors, like microscopic entry points, convenient food sources, hidden colonies and other uncontrollable factors. When you choose to spot treat a problem, you’re only treating the symptoms instead of the root cause of your infestation. This gamble can cost your home or business a lot of time, money and resources for what often proves to be ineffective treatment.

Inspecting and treating your whole property is the only way to identify and eradicate all risks and infestations properly.

What’s the Most Effective Type of Treatment?

Every property has different needs and pest concerns. Baiting and chemical or wood treatments are the most effective for preventing termite damage, especially when used together. Baiting termites is the best way to infiltrate the colony without locating it yourself, while direct treatments help eliminate infestations and prevent future ones.

How Long Will Treatment Last?

How long your termite treatment lasts depends on the type of treatment used and the extent of that treatment. If our specialists recommend making any structural repairs or property changes to prevent future infestations, it’s critical that you follow all instructions to maintain treatments as required.

Preventing infestations from forming in the first place is ideal. The most effective way to ensure your property remains safe from termites and other pests, like rodents, spiders, ants and other insects, is to enroll in annual or quarterly pest control services. Regular inspections will identify new entry points and address specific concerns that come with seasonal infestations.

What Is the Cost of Treatment?

The total cost of termite treatment plans depends on the extent of the infestation and related damage and different property-specific factors, like the number of entry points present. Pest Pros offers a free pest inspection, so you can learn more about your termite problem and get personalized recommendations for the next steps.


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Call on the Termite Infestation Specialists

Call on the Termite Infestation Specialists

When you’re dealing with a termite infestation on Cape Cod, taking the first step toward a solution is easy. Just call Pest Pros and get a free inspection and estimate. When you decide to move forward with service, we also offer affordable rates and green solutions. Make sure you’re getting fast and effective pest control solutions when you choose Pest Pros. Stop looking for termite control methods near you and contact us today for a free estimate if you are experiencing home termites on Cape Cod.

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