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Pest Inspections

Pest Inspection Services on Cape Cod

Most homeowners can tell when they’re experiencing a pest problem. However, identifying the insect or rodent species in your residential space requires an expert.

Pest Pros is here to help property owners in the Cape Cod area. We’re a pest inspection company that’s been in the industry since 1999. Trust our locally owned and -operated company to devise a tailored plan to eliminate the unwanted visitors in your space.

Benefits of a Cape Cod Pest Inspection

With Pest Pros, you can mitigate health concerns involving pests and bacteria. Insects and rodents like cockroaches, mice, ants and termites are known to cause structural damage, so having a knowledgeable exterminator locate pests and plan for treatment is essential for safety.

A pest and insect inspection gives you peace of mind and protects your garage, windows, doors or roof. Other benefits of our pest inspection services include:

  • Saving money on architectural repairs.
  • Uncovering hidden problems like water leaks and holes in siding.
  • Reducing pest numbers before they grow.
  • Maintaining your home’s value on Cape Cod.
  • Creating a healthier environment for your family.

Types of Inspections We Offer You

Pest Pros proudly offers two types of pest control inspections.

Free Pest Inspections

Our free pest inspections tell you more about the severity of an infestation, the type of insect or rodent you’re dealing with and what your next steps should be for removal.

One of our professionals will walk around your home looking for telltale signs of an infestation. We use years of industry knowledge to look in places where bugs and critters hide, like in basements, piles of debris and wooden trims. We’ll address your choices for mitigating the issue, which might include scheduling a one-time service visit or planning with quarterly services for prevention.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports

Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR) are available for an additional fee. Pest Pros completes a thorough inspection of your home to document indicators a wood-destroying insect is responsible for damages at the structural level.

During a WDIR inspection, our team focuses on finding living populations of termites, carpenter bees and carpenter ants. You may require a WDIR from Pest Pros to sell your home or refinance it.

Contact Pest Pros Today for Your Free Home Pest Inspection

Prioritizing a pest inspection is the most proactive way to look out for your home long-term. Work with our experts who have a long history of providing quality pest inspections to the Cape Cod, Massachusetts community.

To schedule a free pest inspection online, submit a form with our team now!