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House pests – animal species or genera that have a history of living in, or invading, human habitation and causing damage to structures, eating human foods, acting as bringers of disease and causing health threats.  They are far more than an inconvenience.

What’s worse is that the damage they can cause is not readily apparent.  As anyone whose home has been infested with termites knows, the damage that can be caused wasn’t even aware of their presence.

With mice, rats, and squirrels, it’s a bit different, but no more damaging.  You’ll hear the pitter patter of their tiny feet as they race across your eaves, or build their nests.  The point of entry needs to be determined and removed; the nests need to be removed, also, and bacterial treatment rendered to eradicate health risks.

This section of our site provides you with specific information about the most common of house pests.  Of course, we’re available and only a telephone call or an email away from answering your specific questions, too.  So, please let us know how we can help.

Cape Cod Pest Pros . . . .  providing “fast, dependable, environmentally friendly service . . . any time, every time.” 

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How We Treat Pest Infestations

When you’re suffering from an infestation, contacting Pest Pros is the first step of exterminating pests from your home and yard. Pests like mice, cockroaches and termites can quickly get into your home and reproduce while eating away at your walls and infrastructure. Through one-time or ongoing pest treatment, you can minimize the damage caused by pests in your home and yard.

Whether you have crickets, cockroaches, mice or mosquitos, Pest Pros will provide you with the extermination and prevention services you need to live comfortably again. We’ll visit your home and assess thedamage and the extent of the infestation. Then, we can provide you with one-time or ongoing pest treatment to reclaim your property and let you enjoy your home yard again.

Types of Pests We Treat

At Pest Pros, we treat all of the most common pest control problems.

Crawling Pests

  • Mice and rats: Mice and rats can easily destroy your home from the wood to the installation. Rodents love to nest in soft fiberglass or undisturbed clothing, and they will typically build their nests and raise families within walking distance to a food source.
  • Ants: In Cape Cod, a variety of species of ants really thrive. If you notice small mounds of sand or dirt, unusual residue, soft rustling in your walls or visible trails of ants in your home, it’s time to call an exterminator.
  • Centipedes: Though centipedes are relatively harmless, finding one skittering across the walls or floor of your home can be a frightening experience. What’s even scarier? Finding centipedes in your home may be a sign they’re feeding off of silverfish, spiders and cockroaches that you just haven’t seen yet.
  • Crickets: Crickets are a noisy nuisance, and they love to eat away at clothing, bedding and wallpaper.
  • Cockroaches: Roaches are notorious for being the most difficult insect to get out of any home. The sight of just one cockroach could mean that you already have an infestation. Only a Pest Pro can get rid of cockroaches for good.
  • Earwigs: Though they’re mostly harmless, earwigs are known for producing a foul odor and pinching the fingers of those who try to remove them.
  • Fleas: There’s nothing like snuggling up to your pet for a hug and being greeted by jumping fleas. Pesky flea bites are annoying for you and your pet, and they can cause serious irritation to your skin. Call an exterminator and get rid of fleas as soon as you see them.
  • Spiders: Unsightly and sometimes dangerous, spiders can lay hundreds of eggs and hide in any crevice in your home.
  • Termites: At Pest Pros, termite extermination is one of our pest specialties. We offer both liquid and advanced treatment to reclaim your home from termites.
  • Ticks: Ensure your home has a zero-tolerance policy regarding ticks and keep their disease-ridden population away from your pets and family.
  • Silverfish: A silverfish infestation can be frustrating and time-consuming and may cause significant damage to your property.

Flying Pests

  • Wasps, bees and yellowjackets: Wasps and bees of any variety are too dangerous to remove on your own. Call Pest Pros to remove bees from your home today safely.
  • Moths: Nonnative moths can eat away at your vegetation and clothes, and they often live long lives due to a lack of predators.
  • Mosquitos: Disease-carrying mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance, but a genuine threat to your whole family’s health. If you live in a wet, marshy area with pools of standing water, there’s a good chance that you’re living with mosquitos. Protect your family by calling Pest Pros today.
  • Fruit flies: A fruit fly infestation can come out of nowhere. If just one fruit fly lays eggs in your home, you can have 400 fruit flies in only two to four days.

If you find an unwelcomed insect or rodent on any part of your property, Pest Pros promises to help you out.

Choose Pest Pros and Reclaim Your Home From Pests

Whether you have an advanced pest problem or you’ve just found an insect or rodent in your home, Pest Pros will come to your aid. Since 1999, our professional exterminators have eliminated thousands of pests in the Cape Cod area. We hire only the best extermination professionals from the Massachusettes Pesticide Bureau. Schedule a free pest inspection or contact us online today.