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Earwig Control Throughout Cape Cod

Common earwig pest control services wareham ma

Common Earwig

Common Earwig

Earwigs can be pesky visitors to your home on Cape Cod. These tiny insects love water, and although they’re harmless, they’re not exactly welcome. When you need earwig control in communities across Cape Cod, call on the professionals you’ll find at Pest Pros.

Since 1999, we’ve been your locally owned and operated source for earwig control and prevention throughout the area.

We are your fast, dependable and environmentally friendly source for a range of pest control services in towns throughout Cape Cod. You can count on us anytime, every time. We understand that unwanted insects and rodents at your Cape Cod home or business represent an urgent problem that requires an urgent solution. We deliver that solution quickly and effectively.

Make sure you’re getting the best of the best when you choose Pest Pros for earwig control on Cape Cod.

Earwig Pest Control Services In Cape Cod

Earwigs are mostly harmless to humans. However, their frightening appearance makes them threatening to a lot of home and business owners. They also produce a foul-smelling yellow liquid from their scent glands that is very unpleasant.

While they are mostly harmless to humans, if they are handled improperly they can pinch. We recommend contacting us to remove earwigs from your home or business.

What Does an Earwig Infestation Look Like?

Seeing earwigs in your home is the main way to know whether you have an infestation. However, sightings can be rare since earwigs often congregate outdoors under rocks, mulch, stone and compost piles. Earwigs prefer these dark and damp environments because they provide shelter and a space for reproduction.

While earwigs tend to frequent outdoor spaces, these insects can seek shelter inside your home or business and gain access through cracks or other entry points. Earwigs will seek areas that mimic the outdoor conditions they like, often infesting basements and other cool, damp places. Like many pests, earwigs often seek shelter inside during the winter, making the cold months excellent times to examine your home.

To determine whether you have an earwig infestation in your house, inspect cool, damp areas like basements and bathrooms. An infestation may be difficult to spot since these insects burrow and hide. The best way to verify whether these bugs have invaded your home or business is to seek out a pest control company to do a home inspection.

How to Stop an Earwig Infestation

Finding earwigs in your home may be startling, but you can prevent these insects from invading using a few simple techniques:

  • Vacuuming and sweeping: If you see earwigs in your home, you can prevent their numbers from growing by gathering them with a vacuum or broom and disposing of them.
  • Setting traps: While discarding earwigs with a vacuum might control the problem, you can also use traps like a moistened, rolled-up newspaper. Earwigs will gather in these spaces, allowing for easy location and disposal.
  • Clearing debris: Sometimes, earwigs come into the home because of materials outside the home’s perimeter. Clearing ivy, leaves in the gutters and other debris near your home or business can discourage these insects from finding entry points or hiding spots.
  • Applying pesticides: The best pest control for earwigs within the home is to utilize pesticides around your home’s perimeter. You can rely on the pest control professionals at Pest Pros for one-time, annual or quarterly services.

Solutions like vacuuming, setting traps and clearing debris can help you mitigate an earwig infestation. Nonetheless, if you’re wondering how to get rid of earwigs in your house fast, the only way to end the invasion is by contacting professionals like Pest Pros to treat your home.

How to Prevent Earwigs From Coming Back

You can prevent earwigs from returning to your home through consistent pest control techniques like regular home cleaning, setting traps and clearing your home of debris.

These methods are most effective when you combine them with annual or quarterly pest services. Professional treatments give you freedom from insect infestations in your home. Our team takes pride in our work, and we strive to provide you with quality pest control for earwigs at regular intervals so that you can enjoy your home free of earwigs and other pests.

Providing Earwig Pest Control Services Across Cape Cod

Where do we do our work? Pest Pros serves home and business owners in communities throughout Cape Cod, including Plymouth, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Hyannis, Marshfield, Chatham, Barnstable, Wareham, Dennis, Orleans, Duxbury, Scituate, Kingston, and Sandwich.

We have ample experience eradicating earwigs in Massachusetts and are dedicated to making earwig control on Cape Cod communities simple. Call on us for free inspections and estimates and enjoy affordable rates and green solutions should you choose to move forward with service.

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