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Fly Pest Control Services

Perhaps one of the loudest and most annoying pests, flies are never welcome in your home. If you get a fly infestation, it probably won’t take you long to start looking for a solution. Fortunately, getting rid of flies is simple and safe when you work with the experts. Cape Cod Pest Pros offers expert fly control services for homeowners or businesses in the Cape Cod area, including fly extermination and fly prevention services.

The Most Common Causes of Fly Infestations

There are many different ways flies can make their way into your home. Some of these causes include:

  • Traveling on food: Some flies, like fruit flies, will tag along with your produce or the leftovers from your backyard barbecue and be carried into the house or garbage where they start to reproduce.
  • Open windows and doors: Many flies end up in your home by accident, as they fly in through open entryways and get trapped inside.
  • Decaying organic matter: As algae and bacteria build up in your drains, flies can be drawn to them since it’s the perfect place to lay their eggs.
  • Dead animals in the walls: Should a dead animal end up in your walls or basement, flies are likely to come after it.
  • Overwintering: Some species of flies overwinter — which is similar to hibernating — inside the house and will hang out in sunny spots.

Why It’s Important to Remove Flies

While their mere presence can be bothersome enough, flies also pose health risks. Because they only have two wings, they land more often than other winged insects, meaning they can spread germs around the house quickly. These pests may move from the garbage can to your fresh countertop or cutting board, bringing germs with them.

Another way flies spread germs is through their eating and waste habits. Flies need to regurgitate saliva onto their food to dissolve it before they can actually eat it, sucking it up through a straw-like body part called a proboscis. Therefore, if they land on your freshly-made food, they may be spitting all over it and spreading germs that way. There’s also the possibility of flies leaving droppings on the various surfaces they land on.

The types of diseases flies can spread are incredibly varied, with over 130 pathogens identified, such as bacteria, fungi and parasites. They can cause illnesses like H. pylori infections, Salmonella and cholera, among many others.

From a business perspective, if you have flies at a place of work, removing them is essential. Those pathogens we mentioned can be a significant health concern in many environments, but especially in food service. These pests also send a message to your customers that the facility isn’t well-kept and could be housing some unwelcome items like decaying materials.

How to Remove Flies From Your Space

Being able to get rid of flies can require a little creativity. The methods used will depend on the type of fly, the location and other aspects of the area. Removing flies usually starts with removing the source, such as rotting food, and then applying insecticides. Consider the other occupants in your home, such as pets and kids, when selecting a method — some exterminators use toxic chemicals in their approach.

Here at Pest Pros, we offer natural, eco-friendly sprays for safer fly extermination. Here’s how our methods differ by location:

  • Indoors: When flies are indoors, we may employ strategies like fly bait and liquid applications to draw them into one spot and trap them. We can use many non-chemical treatments, such as fly paper and insect light traps, which emit certain wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) light to pull in species of flies. We can also employ safe insecticides indoors.
  • Outdoors: Controlling the flies’ entry point is essential to keeping them out of the house and away from your outdoor gathering space. To remove flies from the outdoors, we may use exclusion services to keep flies away from those entry points and dispose of any decaying vegetation to make the yard less appealing to them. Insecticides at strategic areas can also help us eliminate the flies.
  • Businesses: Businesses have an even greater interest in keeping flies out. Fly removal processes for businesses entail removal outside of business hours or in inconspicuous locations that customers and clients won’t see, quickly removing the flies before they cause problems.

Of course, each location and species of fly is different, so we’ll use our years of experience to determine the right approach.

How to Prevent Flies at Your Home or Business

Whether you’ve recently removed flies or just want to prevent them in the first place, prevention methods can be beneficial in avoiding fly infestations in the first place.

Some actions you can take include the following:

  • Cleaning up regularly: Remember, flies love grime and decaying vegetation. Keep your garbage can closed, your drains clear and your home or business sanitized. Always toss food quickly, especially if it’s moist or overripened. Pay special attention to areas like drains and underneath appliances where food debris and moisture can collect.
  • Block up entry points: If your flies are coming through open doors or windows, start closing them up or install tight-fitting screens. Look for holes in any existing screens and replace them if necessary. If needed, caulk up any cracks near the windows and doors.
  • Trap and kill flies when you see them: If you only have a few house flies roaming around, you can use some sticky fly paper or light traps to pull them in. If the problem hasn’t evolved into a complete infestation, make sure you find out what’s attracting the flies and address it so they don’t keep coming back.
  • Watch for droppings: If you see signs of a fly infestation like fly droppings, which look like tiny black specks, do some investigating.
  • Clean up after a pet: If your pet is the one leaving droppings, pick those up promptly so the flies aren’t attracted to them.

Preventing flies is almost always easier than removing them, so take some time and run through your home, looking for any weak spots where flies may have an opportunity to gather.

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