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Mice and Rats

Mouse and Rat Control and Removal Services Throughout Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Mouse and Rat Control Services Throughout Cape Cod

Never tolerate mouse or rat infestation in your Cape Cod home or business. At Pest Pros, we have the team, tools, knowledge and experience to serve as your best rat and mouse exterminator in Wareham, MA and throughout the area.

We provide fast and dependable service — we can help exterminate mice and rats from your home quickly, and we clean up any bacteria they may have left behind from a rat or mouse infestation.

When you’re in need of professional rat or mouse control services on Cape Cod, make sure the job is done quickly and done right when you call on Pest Pros.

Signs of a Mouse and Rat Infestation

Have you seen any droppings around your home or business or chewing marks or holes in your walls and floors? They are common indicators of rodent infestation, even if you don’t see mice or rats in plain view.

If you hear scratching, this noise may also indicate the presence of rodents in your environment. Mice and rats like to build nests of found materials, so be on the lookout for any signs of shredded paper, fabric or dried vegetation they may carry throughout your space.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to hire a mouse and rat exterminator at Pest Pros to inspect your property and take care of the possible infestation with solutions sooner rather than later.

Types of Mice and Rats Found in MA

The professionals at Pest Pros have the expertise to identify different types of rodents. During our mouse and rat control services on Cape Cod and surrounding areas, we commonly find house mice, white-footed mice or deer mice. They’re usually found in tight areas, like a property’s insulation.

We also frequently see big brown rats, called the Norway rat. Despite their size, they can fit through holes as small as a quarter and like to enter homes during the fall. When outside food and water sources become scarce, they retreat inside homes and businesses to nest.

How to Get Rid of Mice and Rats In Your Home

Professionals have the expertise to remove mice and rats from your home or business successfully. Without effective procedures from mice control services, the rodents can quickly multiply. Around every 40 to 50 days, they typically produce four to seven offspring in each litter. They spread bacteria and droppings throughout your living spaces and environment.

Meanwhile, rats are known to spread disease to humans. They live longer than mice and can stick around for about five years. To protect your property and well-being, it’s best to contact experts at Pest Pros for rat and mice extermination right away.

Choose Pest Pros Mouse Exterminators & Help Get rid of Mice in Wareham, MA and Beyond

We serve communities all over Cape Cod, including Duxbury, Plymouth, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Hyannis, Chatham, Barnstable, Wareham, Dennis, Orleans, Scituate, Kingston, Marshfield, Sandwich and others.

If you live or work in the Cape Cod area and are in search of a mouse and rat removal company, call the trusted team at Pest Pros or schedule a free pest inspection today!