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Millipede Pest Control

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Millipedes are pests that enjoy your moist garden but may accidentally find their way inside. These creatures might not be as intimidating as they look, but you probably don’t want to have them on your property. Follow these tips to get rid of millipedes in your yard and indoor space.

How to Identify Millipedes

There are several species of millipedes, and each of them has a lot of legs. You’d recognize them by their light brown or black color and their long, slender bodies. They look similar to worms, but they have two pairs of legs on each segment.

A millipede’s diet involves damp, rotted wood and plants, and they tend to dwell in moist areas outdoors. However, if it becomes hot and dry outside, they may accidentally find their way indoors. They’ll usually enter a property through basement doors and windows, garage doors or doors with missing weatherstripping, and they’ll make a home under furniture or in storage boxes.

Signs of a Millipede Infestation

Millipedes usually live in flowerbeds, under piles of dead leaves or mulch. You might also find them under grass clippings or around firewood. At the end of the summer, they tend to leave their habitat to look for water. As a result, you may find millipedes on your porch or patio as they attempt to come inside.

Even though they prefer the outdoors, you may occasionally find millipedes wandering around your indoor property. They can sneak through most openings, but they usually come into a house through the garage door. Since they prefer moist environments, most millipedes don’t last very long inside a warm, dry space.

Most of the time, millipedes don’t leave signs of an infestation like other pests. If you have one inside, you might find it scrambling to find shelter if you move the box where it was hiding. You might want to check your garden and areas with dead plants or rotted wood for these pests outside your property.

Why It’s Important to Remove Millipedes From Your House or Business

You should remove the millipedes from your property so they don’t scare you as you move boxes and disturb their hiding places. Millipedes don’t bite or sting, and they don’t damage your furniture, food or walls. However, some millipedes species release a defensive fluid that can irritate your skin.

Seeing one or two millipedes around your property might not seem like a big deal, but since they travel in large numbers, their swarm behavior can be distracting and even harmful. A millipede infestation can destroy your gardens and crops, reducing your property’s visual appeal and damaging your vegetables. Your best option is to eliminate these pests from your property before they multiply and cause severe damage.

How to Prevent Millipedes

If you’re worried about a millipede infestation, you can follow these preventative tips to keep your property safe:

  • Create a dry environment: Since millipedes prefer areas with moisture, you can dry out your garden by spreading your mulch so these pests either die or search elsewhere for shelter. Inside, you can use a dehumidifier to control the humidity. It also helps to repair any leaks throughout your property by any sources of water.
  • Reduce standing water: To prevent millipedes from making a home in your garden, avoid watering too much and limit the moisture in that area. Make sure your gutters and sprinkler system work so water doesn’t pool around your property.
  • Remove food sources: Millipedes will only stay in an area if they can find food and water. Consider getting rid of the firewood and other organic clutter around your property that could attract them.
  • Eliminate potential hiding spots: Since millipedes like to hide once they’re indoors, you should clean up the paper and cardboard boxes around your property. Outside, you may also want to clean your gutters and install gutter guards to keep out debris. Do your best to keep your property clean of leaves and branches, especially near any structures.
  • Prevent them from coming inside: Keep millipedes from wandering inside by sealing the gaps around your doors, windows, wiring and plumbing. You should also check your foundation for cracks big enough to bring pests into your property. Silicone caulk and weatherstripping can seal these gaps and cracks.

How to Remove a Millipede Infestation

You can remove a few millipedes from your property with a vacuum cleaner or shop vac. Depending on the type of cleaner you have, you might need to dispose of the contents outside if a millipede could crawl out of the container.

If you notice a few of these pests inside your property, you might have a large population outside. Consider investing in professional millipede control services for peace of mind and yard protection. Our specialists at Cape Cod Pest Pros can visit your property and perform the following services:

  • Inspect your indoor and outdoor property: Once you see a millipede on your property, you should call a pest control specialist to inspect your property. Since they travel in large numbers, seeing one millipede usually means that there are more hiding somewhere. As professionals, we know where millipedes like to seek shelter. When we visit your property, we can check problem areas and suggest possible treatment methods to deal with your millipede population.
  • Remove the pests outside of your property: At Cape Cod Pest Pros, we offer green solutions to treat and repel pests from your property. These methods are safe to use around children and pets, and they won’t harm the flowers or vegetation you have in your yard. We’ll target our treatment to areas that are potential hiding spots for millipedes.
  • Keep pests away from your property: As part of our pest control services, we offer a one-time treatment to deal with the bugs in your local area. To prevent a future infestation, consider signing up for more systematic methods. We provide a quarterly service and an annual treatment that targets a millipede’s lifecycle to monitor the population and stop it from growing.

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