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Cape Cod Termite Control and Prevention

Termite nest eating a home - Cape Cod Pest Pros and termite control service

Termite nest working hard eating your house – Cape Cod Pest Pros

Termites can be a nightmare on Cape Cod, where our beautiful and classic homes can fall victim to these unwanted pests. When you need termite eradication or termite prevention on Cape Cod, turn to the experts at Pest Pros. Since 1999, we’ve been serving home and business owners with termite treatment in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, as well as any other community on Cape Cod.

We are fast and dependable, and we deliver environmentally friendly services with each and every treatment. We know that pest issues at your home or business often represent urgent issues, which is why we leap to action any time you call.

Get the Cape Cod termite control you need when you call on Pest Pros.

How Do You Know if You Have Termites?

Keep an eye out for the following warning signs of a termite infestation in your home or business:

  • Flying swarms: Even though most termites in the Cape Cod area usually live underground, you might notice large colonies of termites flying around in the summer as they look for new places to take shelter. You might also see their wings by windows and doors if they’ve made their way inside.
  • Tiny holes: Before termites do extensive damage to your home or business, they might make small holes in the wood around your property. The gaps they make are usually about the size of a nail or a pinhole. Check your walls for these holes, and contact our professionals to inspect your property for significant structural issues.
  • Damaged wood: Subterranean termites cannot survive in direct sunlight or open air. The damage they do to the wooden parts of your property is most often under the surface. You might not notice the pieces of wood they’ve consumed right away, but you can check your walls, floors and ceiling for where termites might have infested. Probe or tap the area with a screwdriver to determine whether the wood is hollow. You’ll be able to pierce through the wooden timber easily if termites have consumed it.
  • Droppings: As termites consume the wood around your property, they deposit droppings that look like wood sawdust. Check the ground or floor around your residential or commercial building for small pieces of shredded wood.
  • Mud tunnels: Termites build shelter tubes out of wood and dirt particles that they moisten with their saliva and other water sources. These moist tunnels allow them to travel from nests to feeding sites while staying hydrated. Check your property for brown tubes that are about as wide as a pencil in your floor joists or foundation walls.
  • Bubbling or peeling paint: Since termites carry moisture in their mud tunnels as they travel, they might cause the paint on the walls where they travel to peel or bubble. Besides a termite infestation, marks on your walls could point to moisture damage, which attracts termites to your home or business. Check the surrounding area for water leaks and soft wood to determine whether the bubbling paint is from water damage or a termite infestation.

Contact our pest control experts immediately if you see any of these types of damage on your property.

What Causes Termites to Infest Your Home or Business?

Termites look for moisture and wood around your residential or commercial property. Subterranean termites will travel through wet soil and infest any wood that’s close to the ground. Control the following issues in your home or business to prevent an infestation:

  • Moisture: Subterranean termites thrive in moist environments, so they look for standing water around your property, especially near the foundation. Inadequate ventilation, leaky pipes and improper drainage can create a humid atmosphere that attracts termites to your home or business. Fix the plumbing and ventilation issues to prevent these pests from seeking shelter in your space.
  • Access to wood: Since subterranean termites can only travel through moist soil and wood, they can usually access your home or business through the wood near the foundation. They especially enjoy firewood, mulch and overgrown shrubs. Remove exterior rotted wood from near your property and keep firewood a safe distance from the inside. It also helps to trim branches that could be touching your roof or siding.
  • Cracks: Termites can also seek shelter in your property through cracks in the foundation or siding. Subterranean termites build their mud tunnels in these gaps so they can conveniently come inside. Inspect your home or business for openings and seal them with silicone caulk or weatherstripping. You may also want to replace damaged windows, doors and building components that may invite termites to your property.

Factors That Affect the Extent of Termite Damage

Termites can significantly damage your home or business, but the following factors affect the severity of a termite infestation:

  • Colony size: Even though most termite species eat through wood throughout the year, some have larger colony sizes. Subterranean termites, which are the most common in Massachusetts, have millions of colony members in their population. This species’ heavily populated colony tends to eat through wood much more quickly than others.
  • Wood availability: As termites consume the wood around your residential or commercial property, they look for more pieces to eat. They’ll travel throughout your home or business searching for weak spots in your floors, support beams and walls to take shelter. Your property might be more vulnerable to a severe termite infestation if it has a lot of wood damage.
  • Climate and location: Termite colonies thrive in different weather conditions and places. Subterranean termites enjoy warm, humid areas and try to come inside during cold weather. While they can infest your property at any time of the year, they tend to be most active in the summer.
  • Your response time: Since termites move quickly, you have to deal with them as soon as you notice any signs of an infestation. Keep an eye out for wood damage and mud tunnels, especially in the moist areas of your home or business. Contact a professional if you find anything that leads you to believe you have termites in your property.

What Happens if You Don’t Treat a Termite Infestation?

Termites can eat through wood found in walls, floors, framing and roofing. Contacting a professional termite removal company like Cape Cod Pest Pros can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs to your home or business. A termite infestation can cause severe structural damage to your property if you don’t take care of it right away.

You should have your property checked for termites every few years, even if you don’t notice any signs of damage. Termites can live in your walls for a long time before you see symptoms of an infestation on the surface. Our experts at Cape Cod Pest Pros will inspect your property and give you peace of mind if you suspect you have termites.

Termite Treatments

Termites put your home at serious risk for damage. They feed on your home or business’s infrastructure and eat a staggering amount of wood each day.

At Pest Pros, we offer a variety of termite treatments to help remove these pests from your home. These solutions include a liquid termite treatment and a termite baiting system.

Our liquid termite treatment involves applying an undetectable barrier around your home to prevent and eliminate termite colonies. Because the liquid barrier is undetectable, termites behave as usual and naturally spread the termiticide throughout their population.

Our advanced termite baiting system is a way to remove termites without using pesticides, the bait system intercepts and eliminates termite colonies by trapping them.

As soon as you notice termites in your home, contact us for help!

We Provide Termite Control Services Throughout the Cape Cod, Massachusetts Area

Pest Pros provides termite treatment in Chatham, Massachusetts and towns throughout Cape Cod. We most often provide service in Plymouth, Sandwich, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Hyannis, Barnstable, Wareham, Dennis, Orleans, Duxbury, Scituate, Kingston and Marshfield, but we can help with termite control and other pest services no matter where you live on Cape Cod.

When you choose to move forward with service, you can count on affordable rates and green solutions, which are our hallmark at Pest Pros. Whether only need termite control tips on Cape Cod or full-blown treatment, make sure you choose Pest Pros for the best of service.

Professional termite control Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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Our pest control experts at Cape Cod Pest Pros offer termite protection and treatment services to deal with the termites in your residential or commercial property. We’ll help prevent termites from doing significant damage to your property so you can save money on future repairs. For more information about our services, please reach out to us online or call (508) 888-0999.