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Bee, Yellow Jacket and Wasp Pest Control

Wasp, Bee & Yellow Jacket Pest Control Services on Cape Cod & Surrounding Areas

Yellow jacket, bee and wasp removal service on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Bees, yellow jackets, paper wasps and other types of stinging insects can be beneficial to humans and the world around them. Bees are pollinators that play an essential role in the production of fruits and vegetables. Wasps and hornets are predators that eat insects that would otherwise damage crops. Although the insects have a role to play in nature, most people do not want to find a hive or nest on their property. Wasps, bees and hornets all have stingers that serve as a defense mechanism. When the insects feel threatened, they sting. The insects’ stings are painful and can be dangerous if a person has an allergic reaction.

Pest Pro offers stinging insect pest control across Cape Cod. We will inspect your property, assess the infestation and give you an idea of what it will take to remove the stinging insects. Learn more about why bee and wasp control services are necessary, and how to identify the variety of stinging insects you might encounter on Cape Cod.

Why Remove Stinging Pests From Your Property?

Getting stung by a bee or wasp isn’t fun for anyone. The insects have stingers containing venom. When a person gets stung by a bee or wasp, the venom can cause the stung area to become red and irritated. If the person happens to be allergic to the insect, the venom can send their immune system into overdrive. Individuals with bee, wasp or hornet allergies can go into anaphylactic shock after getting stung, requiring immediate medical attention. Even allergic people who do not go into shock usually need to act quickly to counteract the sting.

Some types of stinging insects are more aggressive than others and will attack more readily if they think they are under threat. Bees will usually only sting if provoked, while wasps are more aggressive and ready to attack. Wasps also have smooth stingers, meaning they can sting more than once.

If you see signs of a stinging insect infestation on your property, you want to act quickly to find the nest and remove the pests. The sooner an exterminator removes the pests, the less likely they are to cause you, your family, your pets or any visitors to your property physical harm.

Our Stinging Pest Removal Services

Bees, wasps and hornets all look somewhat similar, but there are distinct differences between each type of insect. The first step to take when removing the pests is identifying what kind of stinging insect has made a nest on your property.
Hire a professional bee removal company to remove a beehive

Bee Removal Services

Not all bees are the same. In North America, there are around 4,000 different species of bees. Each species evolved to pollinate a different type of flower, and not all species produce ample amounts of honey. Bees often build their hives, or colonies, in hollowed-out structures, such as the cavity of a dying or dead tree or the opening of a chimney.

Unlike other types of stinging insects, bees are fuzzy. Their back legs have bristles that help them capture pollen as they fly from flower to flower. Otherwise, they can vary in appearance considerably, based on their species. Some species are minuscule, measuring just a few millimeters in length, while others can be up to two inches long.

If you discover a beehive on your property, the best way to deal with the problem is to have a professional exterminator remove it. A professional bee control company has the right tools and training to remove a beehive safely. Bees will sting when provoked or when they think they are under threat, so it’s not safe to try to remove bees on your own.

Yellow Jacket Removal Services

A yellow jacket is a type of wasp that has bright yellow-and-black patterns across its body. They usually measure less than an inch long and have black antennae. Like bees, yellow jackets live in colonies, often with thousands of members. They make their nests from cellulose, an organic compound that resembles papier-mache. A yellow jacket colony might build their nest underground, under the eaves of a house or in wall cavities. Usually, there is just one entrance to the nest, which can make it difficult to see if it’s underground.

Unlike bees, yellow jackets can be aggressive and will sting without provocation. If they think their nest is under threat, they tend to swarm. The insects are pollinators, and a garden of flowers will interest them. Sugar and protein also attract them, so you might have seen them show up at picnics or outdoor parties, enticed by the scent of sugary beverages or meat on the grill.

You can do several things to prevent yellow jackets or make your property less appealing to them. Keep garbage cans covered, and don’t leave food or drinks outside. If you see signs of a nest on your property, call a yellow jacket exterminator to remove it for you, as the insects can sting multiple times.

Paper Wasp Removal Services

The paper wasp, originally from Europe, is an invasive species in North America. These wasps live across the northern part of the U.S., as well in Florida and Hawaii. Like yellow jackets, paper wasps have black-and-yellow markings on their bodies. They tend to have longer legs than yellow jackets, and they often fly with their legs pointed downward, rather than tucked against their bodies. The insects have long, orange-colored antennae.

You’ll usually find the nests of paper wasps under the eaves of a house or on outdoor furniture. Like yellow jackets, paper wasps build their nests from cellulose and pieces of wood. Often, paper wasp nests resemble honeycombs.

Although paper wasps are less aggressive than yellow jackets and will only sting if provoked, it’s best to look for an exterminator to handle your wasp nest removal services.
Hornet Removal Services

Hornet Removal Services

Hornets are a type of wasp. Indeed, the bald-faced hornet is more closely related to yellow jackets than other members of the hornet family. The two insects look similar, except the bald-faced hornet has black-and-white markings, instead of black-and-yellow ones. Bald-faced hornets usually build their nests up high, in trees or on the sides of a building. These nests, often teardrop- or pear-shaped, consist of a thin paper-like material full of combs. As social insects, bald-faced hornets typically live in colonies with hundreds of others.

Bald-faced hornets have smooth stingers, like other types of wasps, meaning the same insect can sting repeatedly. They aren’t aggressive and are only likely to attack if they think they are under threat. If you see what you think is a bald-faced hornet’s nest on your property, call a professional hornet nest removal company to inspect and remove it.

Contact Pest Pros for a Free Stinging Insect Inspection

If you find evidence of bees, hornets or wasps on your property in the Cape Cod area, your best bet is to call Pest Pros to take a look. We offer annual, quarterly and one-time pest treatments, and can safely and quickly remove the nests of stinging insects from your property. Since some insects can sting multiple times and there is a risk of an allergic reaction after a sting, your safest option is to bring in a professional bee, yellow jacket and wasp control company to identify the pests and offer solutions. To learn more about our bee and wasp control services and to schedule a free inspection, contact us today.