Plymouth Pest Control

Pest Control in Plymouth, MA

If you have been seeking quality exterminators in Plymouth, MA and surrounding areas, look no further than Pest Pros. We have been specializing in pest control in and around the Cape Cod area for nearly 20 years, and we offer environmentally-friendly, highly effective pest control services — from termite treatment to flea, tick, mosquito, wasp and even mouse control as well.

Many of our clients start with a basic free pest inspection. You can have us come to your Plymouth, MA home or work facility, assess your specific pest control needs and give you an estimate on how our services will fit into your budget.

Pest Pros is a locally-owned and operated company with an emphasis on customer service. We know that pest extermination is a job that requires skilled technicians giving you our full attention, and that is exactly what you get every time. We also stand behind our work with a full guarantee. All of our Pest Pro technicians are Massachusetts Pesticide Bureau certified and have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly handle any pest control job we assign them to, so once you call us, you can enjoy total peace of mind that your pest problem will soon be a distant memory.

Types of Pest Control Services in Plymouth, MA

At Pest Pros, we are well-versed in dealing with all of the types of pests that commonly plague homes and businesses in Cape Cod. Whether you have ants, bees, crickets, spiders, mice or rats nesting in your insulation or living under your deck, we will find them and eliminate them.

We also offer regular pest control maintenance for your home or business. No matter how well we do our jobs, your property is part of an eco-system, which means pests can always come back. By scheduling regular pest control throughout the year, you can make sure we are always on hand to prevent pests from returning, so you virtually never have to worry about pests in Plymouth again.

Contact Pest Pros for Pest Control Services in Plymouth, MA Now

Remember, Pest Pros is the only name you need for pest control in Plymouth. We work hard to make sure we have the best pest control technicians, and we are always staying abreast of the latest pest control technology to make sure you are getting the best pest treatment possible for your business or home.

Don’t suffer with pests invading your home or scaring away your business customers any longer. Pests can create unsanitary conditions and are unattractive, unpleasant and generally a nuisance. It’s time to get rid of them with Pest Pros. Find out what countless home and business owners in Plymouth and throughout Cape Cod have already learned: that Pest Pros offers the greatest value and most effective pest treatment around. For your free inspection and estimate, just fill out our inspection form and submit it today.

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