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Radio Show Quick Hits

Radio Show Quick Hits – Dan “The Bug Man”

As you may know, Dan is known as “The Bug Man” on the Handyman Hotline of radio 95.1, WXTK, on Saturday afternoonsRadio show about mosquito control to combat spread of eee disease on Cape Cod from 1:00 – 3:00.  He answers questions and offers information to help will identifying the signs of pest infestation, and in offering advice on what to do about it.

On this resource page, you’ll be able to listen to snippets of that information and those tips, as we present excerpts from Dan’s past shows.  We’ll let you know what each clip is about, and its length, and you can select the desired topic.

It’s another of the ways we want this website to inform, and to point you toward the solutions to your infestation problems.  And, of course, we’re also available to answer your question immediately by telephone, or by reply email.  So, if you don’t see a topic listed that you need information about, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Radio Clips from The Handyman Hotline, our own Dan Caouette

Inspect Your Foundation  cc pest-inspect the foundation

Seasonal Tasks  cc pest-seasonal biz

Our Experience  cc pest-how long in biz

Tip on Termites  CC pest-termites

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