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Spider Control in Cape Cod

Spiders. Some people have an irrational fear of them, known as arachnophobia. Others say their fear of spiders is not irrational at all. After all, these skittering creatures are considered by some to be ugly, they feast on the blood of other animals, they create troublesome webs, and some are even highly poisonous.

Whatever your feelings are about spiders, you probably don’t want them having the run of your home, which is why Cape Cod Pest Pros is happy to offer Cape Cod spider control. Many people don’t like the idea of killing spiders, even if they like the idea of having them running around the house even less, so we understand the importance of quality spider removal in Cape Cod.

Spiders in Cape Cod

Is spider pest control really necessary in Cape Cod? Are spiders common here? In fact, Massachusetts is home to many different types of spiders, some more dangerous than others, including:

  • Black Widow Spider: Both northern and southern varieties of the Black Widow spider, known by its legendary red hourglass design on its abdomen, are native to Massachusetts. Although they are not naturally aggressive, their bite is even more poisonous than a rattlesnake, so if you see one in your home, you’ll want to call us immediately.
  • Wolf Spider: Wolf spiders can be as much as 2 inches long and are brown or gray. They tend to live under the ground and are quite common in Cape Cod.
  • Jumping Spider: A very unpleasant spider to have in your home, these half-inch, colorful spiders come out during the day, jump extremely high and bite.
  • Nursery Web Spider: These spiders that live on Cape Cod can be up to 3 inches long, usually with orange-brown coloring.

Contact Cape Cod Pest Pros for Cape Cod Spider Removal

No matter which type of Cape Cod spiders you have lurking about your home, the experts at Cape Cod Pest Pros can get rid of them fast. We work efficiently, attacking these spiders where they live and where they enter your home, and use safer pest control formulations that are better for the environment and for your family.

Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will work quickly, unobtrusively and efficiently, with complete transparency — so you’ll know just what they are doing all the time they are in or around your home. When we’re done, we can talk about setting up a regular maintenance plan to make sure your home is spider-free all year.

Over the last two decades, Cape Cod Pest Pros has been effectively managing all the pest problems of Cape Cod homes and businesses, from ticks to wasps to roaches to moths and of course, spiders. Let’s start with a free pest inspection of your home. Just fill out and submit our simple online form, and we’ll be in touch to schedule a complimentary inspection at your convenience.

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