Falmouth Pest Control

Falmouth Pest Control

Falmouth is located on the southwest corner of Cape Cod within Barnstable County and is bordered on two sides by large bodies of water, Buzzards Bay to the west, Vineyard and Nantucket sounds to the south. Falmouth is home to about 32,000 winter residents and a summer population of over 93,000. Twelve of the town’s 68 miles of seashore are made up of sandy beaches. In fact, a majority of Falmouth’s soil landscape is a silt and sandy loam. That, in addition to a humid climate, make this area an ideal place for thriving termite colonies. This area in the Northeast is home to subterranean termites. These termites create mud tubes to travel from their colonies deep within the soil, where they feed off tree and vegetation root structures, up above ground and latch onto tree stumps and concrete foundations to access the structure of our homes.

Falmouth is also a popular destination for shopping and eating out. A concentration of commercial shopping centers and restaurants means heavy concentrations of dumpsters. These dumpsters, especially those belonging to restaurants and food-serving establishments, become an attractant to rat populations. Having an accessible, outdoor food source certainly has an effect on the general amount of rodents in the area and usually has an impact on surrounding residential areas.

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     TERMITES                                                                  MICE AND RATS

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