Yarmouth Pest Control

Yarmouth Pest Control

The town of Yarmouth is located in Barnstable County and is bordered by the Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound, and the town of Dennis. Of the town’s 28 square miles, 14% of it is made up of water since Yarmouth pest control can be unique in that we deal with many of the normal types of pests but there are a few biggies.  The main two, and most common pest that we deal with are Mice and Mosquitos.  Yarmouth  is home to many beaches like Seagull, Bass River, and Colonial Acres Beach.  Like most towns of the Cape, the sandy soil is an ideal landscape for thriving termite colonies. In the Northeast, we deal with subterranean termites. These termites create mud tubes to travel from their colonies deep within the soil, where they feed off tree and vegetation root structures, up above ground and latch onto tree stumps and concrete foundations to access the structure of our homes.

Yarmouth is home to some marshland. These environments are usually conducive to mosquito activity. More immediate conditions that will attract mosquitoes in a homeowner’s yard are any areas with standing water like old tires, clogged rain gutters, buckets and pails behind the garage, and untended bird baths and baby pools.


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