Plymouth Pest Control

Plymouth Pest Control

Plymouth Pest Control -Plymouth is a prominent town in history and because of the settlers at Plymouth Rock, it is referred by many historians as “America’s Hometown”. Plymouth is the largest land area of any municipality in Massachusetts and makes up the entire western shore of Cape Cod Bay. Plymouth is made up of several neighborhoods and geographic sub-sections like Plymouth Center, Manomet, Cedarville, and Saquish Neck. Due to the large land mass and diversity among the different areas of Plymouth, which vary from beaches, urban areas, suburbs and thickly wooded areas.

This variation in climate and geography means that when we come across a wide spectrum of pests when servicing properties in Plymouth. The more urban, densely settled parts of Plymouth can encourage rodent and roach activity where there are surrounding commercial shopping and dining centers and homes and apartments in close proximity of one another. Similar to Plymouth’s neighbor, Cape Cod, the beachfront homes’ sandy soil is a common stomping ground for termites in crawlspaces and basements. Around the more wooded areas of Plymouth, where the amount of roaming wildlife tends to rise, parasitic insects like mosquitoes and ticks become much more prevalent. Regardless of what pest is invading your Plymouth home, the Pest Pros have a solution.

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MICE AND RATS                                               TERMITES                                              MOSQUITOES AND TICKS


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