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Flea Prevention on Cape Cod

flea exterminator on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Adult Flea: size 1/16 to 1/8-inch (1.5 to 3.3 mm)

We love our pets, but sometimes they can bring unwanted pests into our homes — and even our businesses. If you’re dealing with Cape Cod flea infestation, call on the experts at Pest Pros. We have been serving Cape Cod home and business owners since 1999 with our fast, dependable and planet-friendly services.

We understand that a flea infestation on Cape Cod represents a serious and urgent issue for the home or business owner, which is why we always respond with the utmost urgency to each call for service — anytime, every time.

Make sure you’re getting the best in control, eradication and flea prevention on Cape Cod when you choose the team at Pest Pros.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

If your yard, home or business has ever been infested by fleas, you know just how bothersome these pests can be. While they are small, they cause major issues throughout your home by multiplying quickly and biting any flesh in sight.

Flea bites are rarely felt. However, they irritate the skin which causes scratching and pain.

Fleas are most often carried into your home through pets and once they enter, they are difficult to remove. If you begin noticing small red itchy bumps on your legs, your home may be infested with fleas.

Call us as soon as you believe an infestation has occurred and our team of experts will remove the fleas quickly!

Types of Fleas in the Cape Cod Area

The main types of fleas that inhabit the Cape Cod area are:

  • Cat fleas: Despite their name, these fleas will infest cats, dogs and other furry creatures. They are the most common flea found on domestic animals. Cat fleas can transmit flea-borne typhus and cat scratch disease.
  • Dog fleas: Though they prefer dogs, this flea also feeds on cats and rabbits. Dog fleas can spread tapeworms to animals and humans.
  • Human fleas: This flea is known to infest humans and other large mammals like foxes, badgers and pigs. They are less common than other types of fleas.

Our Flea Treatment and Prevention Services

Our Flea Treatment and Prevention Services

Pest Pros are experts at treating and preventing flea infestations in New England. We provide a range of solutions to prevent, control, and remove fleas from your home.


During our free inspection, we’ll check your home for signs of fleas and other pests to confirm an infestation.


Based on our inspection, we’ll recommend a one-time treatment or ongoing advanced services to eliminate the infestation and prevent it from returning. We’ll also provide a price estimate.


With your approval, our crew will start work right away to eradicate the flea infestation. Treatments are typically completed in a matter of hours.


We’ll stay in touch after treatment to verify that the flea infestation has been fully exterminated.


To ensure your satisfaction, we back our extermination services with a full guarantee!

Have a Flea Infestation on Cape Cod? Pest Pros Can Help.

You’ll get the best flea exterminator in the area when you call on the experts at Pest Pros. At Pest Pros, we offer free inspections and estimates before work begins so you have the fullest possible picture of what your flea situation requires. We also offer affordable rates and green solutions, which ensure you get safe and valuable service.

Our service area includes all of Cape Cod and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free inspection or estimate to serve as your flea exterminato